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I am actually switching dealers, I was using bmw of greenwich to service my car and normally the service was very good however the last service I had was the worst and the 2 other services were moderate.

Bad service log I've been keeping. I am actually in the process of writing a letter to BMWNA because of how irritated I am with the previous service I was provided.

1. Setup appointment, go in for standard scope, and to have my driver side reflector re-attached, Oil indicator light was on saying that oil level was low, they don't even top off the oil. Took the car for a ride when leaving and the light comes on. Called the service advisor and was told that the tech calculates the oil and that I am checking the oil wrong and to run the car for a day.

How can you check the oil wrong on these cars it's not like they have a dip stick anymore and any idiot can check their oil level.

Next day check the oil again still low, inspect the reflector it's still loose... (They charged me for it though)

Call the service advisor, tells me I can bring it in on saturday for oil top off and re-repair the reflector but he won't be there and someone else will take care of it for me.

2. Bring that car in on that saturday, explain to the service advisor that was suppose to take care of me of the oil and reflector. Almost 4 hrs later (yes 4 hours to repair reflector) receive the car, take it for a ride, oil light comes on

Brought the car right back, service advisor magically disappeared (lunch maybe)

grabbed another service advisor that then pulls a quart of oil from the desk and hands to a tech and tops it off. Service advisor has the nerve to tell me "We normally charge for this but I'll do this as a favor to you" I mean seriously, if you just took care of it in the first place I would have just paid for it and been on my way just as I had planned. If I wasn't bringing the car in for service at the time I would have topped the oil off myself. My question is how do you do a standard scope which is inspecting the car and not find that the oil is low and fix the problem?

3. Bring the car in for brake squeal, and under WOT Half engine light. I have the bmw maintenance warranty. I don't care what anyone say's if the damn brakes are making noise that is a problem and should be covered under the warranty no matter how much life is on the brakes.

Service advisor calls me and tells me "the brakes are fine they squeal but they are not low enough to replace" At that point I had a fit with the service advisor he quickly contacted his manage and had the brakes replaced under the warranty. As far my WOT half engine light problem I am told that the oil cap was not tight enough which was causing the problem. They had the nerve to charge me almost 200.00 to fix that.

Go to pick up the car take it for a test drive right away able to have the WOT half engine light problem (guess it wasn't the oil cap that I should not have been charged for since they were the last to change the oil) bring the car back.

I was told they had to keep the car over night to try and figure out whats wrong. They replace HPFP, apparently that didn't fix the problem so they need to keep it for more time. At this point I have been without a car for 2 days I request a loaner car since they will now have the car for a 3rd day. Quickly shot down "we don't have any or enough for tomorrows crowd" never offered a rental nothing...

by the 3rd day I had enough spoke with a manger who was able to get me a rental car the next day. The day of picking up the rental was even a blast, the rental company tells me they have no cars for me when I arrive... (waste my time some more... ) by this point I am ready to blow up. Finally they get me a rental car from another place further away which I had to some how get to. Pick up the rental car. Bmw continues to have my car for another 3 more days. Come back and tells me that the boost lines to the turbos are no good and need to be replaced will be an additional 500.00 on top of the 200.00 that I already paid. They replace the lines and tell me the car is ready. Take the car out no code.

2 days later WOT half engine light code. Bring the car back after the tech looks at the car AGAIN the sa comes back and tells me "Just like I originally thought, the turbo waste gates are bad and it will cost about 6k to fix" If you knew it was the turbos why did you tell me it was the boost lines. I don't even believe them that the turbos are bad at this point but I just took my car out of there I am going to try a different dealer because I've had it with them.