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Originally Posted by w1zk1d View Post
Hey Scott135i-

I can't PM you since I'm a new user, but I'm also the same handle on e46fanatics. I'm interested in this particular car and also been looking at '08 e90 M3 DCT- both totally different cars and for different reasons. Do you know if it has fold down rear seats? Was it CPOed or equivalent or as is off demo? Did you see any dings, scratches, etc. (did u see the car at all)? How low do you think the payments can get? I'm a serious buyer and I think the practical side of me will prevail as it usually does. Thanks Scott135i for bringing this to our attention- that was very thoughtful of you.

Send me an email with your phone number... we'll talk over the phone.

-Yes, fold down seats - 99.9% sure
-No not CPO'd - it was an executive/demo car
-I didn't see and dings/scratches ect. I can have it thoroughly inspected if you're serious.
-Payments - depends on your credit score, if you have BMW loyalty, state for taxes, if you want to put a little towards cap cost, ect... We'll talk on the phone and work it out.