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25.01.01 issues

I got my car updated the other day to address a number of complaints, the main ones being the arrow display on Navi and static on my FM radio reception.

They told me I got the latest but didn't quote a version.

After the update:
- Different skin/color theme I don't like it, but the fonts are nicer. The entertainment colors are just plain shit-house IMO. Then again I didn't like the old entertainment colors either - but these are worse
- Better improved, more functional POI
- I-Drive remembers your last screen and goes there direct after the lawyer screen
- More static on my FM radio than ever before :mad:
- VERY SLOW navigation - zooming in and out of maps really sux ass

Can anyone else with the current/latest progman comment?

Is your Navigation display slow/clunky and do you have a lot of static on your FM radio ?
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