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that color car looks great with the chrome/silver trimming and details IMO.. definitely leave it... blacking everything out isnt for everyone and is not a must nor does it always look better. especially over that sexy saddle leather.. not saying its necessarily a BAD idea but then youll likely end up blacking like everything out... its a lot.

ill give you MY personal first to do mods for you including both performance and aesthetics since you have asked.

1st performance mods-
1) tune the car. there are MANY options. you could find yourself confused on which one to go with as many new people do with this platform. ill narrow it down to your TOP three choices. vishnu procede, BMS jb4 (both of these are piggy backs, in other words you open up your ECU and plug in the actual harnesses of the tuner component into your ECU), or COBB AP tune which is a total ECU reflash. You can install any of the above yourself, and it is EASY so no worries, just follow directions. Yes you can remove all of these if youre under warranty and worried about that when visiting dealer. My local dealer could care less....

2) DCI. dual cone intakes from either vishnu ($150), or BMS ($99). either or works perfectly fine, the vishnu cones are a TAD bigger. either works. if you DO tune the car you dont want your little turbos bustin their asses to feed air through the restrictive stock intake box. if you DONT tune your car than nvm any of this, stock intake is best and efficient,

3) Upgrade the intercooler. most popular are Helix, ETS, AMS etc etc there are many, i personally have the helix FMIC. it really lets the car flow better and breath in hot weather. worth it..

Those are top 3 for perf. to start with.

1) you said something about the front end, so i prefer the look of the OEM aero lip. makes the car look very aggressive, fits perfectly, and is a subtle but sexy touch.. here is a pic of mine.. really all you need to make your front end look stellar IMO.
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