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Originally Posted by CombatNinja View Post
No one buys leases because a) it is almost always more expensive than just buying the car in the first place and b) nobody wants to go from paying $400 a month for their newish car to $600 for what is basically a used car.

All this goes out the window if you are faced with a mileage charge of thousands of dollars. Those are the people that more frequently buy them out. Of course I wonder why they ever leased in the first place...
I lease and buyout all the time for a very good reason. I lease under my company and put down enough to lower the residual significantly. When the lease expires I roll it over and sell the car to myself fo exactly the residual amount, write off any fees in the transaction thru my business and keep the car paid off as a personal asset, Saves my self the fees and interest acssociated, keeps the asset out of my personal finances until it's fully paid off and makes life very simple since I run under the radar financially for obvious reasons personally. When I add it all up I do pay about a couple thousand more than if I just bought outright but it does help keep my txable income very low. Now if only I could find a way to do that somewhat legally with my house I'd be golden.