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Originally Posted by speedfan View Post
WOW, coming from a tuner. That means a lot. I appreciate that :-)
I'm following with your supercharge development. I'm considering 330i intake manifold conversion + tune; SuperSprint headers + tune; or could be your supercharge.
The problem is noone (AA, ESS, & Lutz Performance) has gotten back to me regarding the tune yet.
Advice please?
Heh, no problem bud. You deserve it, your car looks stunning.

You could do any of the three really, the manifold conversion would be cheaper than the SS headers, and would yield more power. I'm not too sure about how much tuning for headers would be, but the tune for the manifold conversion is available through MMW (contact Gavin@MMW) for I think 500? He runs OE Tuning, which is the most for your money so far. You'd have to contact him for pricing, but you're looking at 255hp territory.

Or you could wait to supercharge it
Honestly it would be a shame not to complete the package by supercharging a car as beautiful as yours. It deserves the power.

PM me if you need any more info