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Originally Posted by rallyegolf View Post
Not true: I have sold 2 Audi's for the lease payoff to get out of a lease and did not loose a penny on them. Also my wife just sold a Honda Civic for $1000 more then the lease pay off and actually made money on it. All cars were within mileage and taken very well care of.

The Audi's happened to be S-Line models that were the 6 speed manual and hard to find. One of the buyers flew in from Canada to buy it and the other drove about 200 miles to pick it up in Southern California. Both of them were sold on

If you get a good deal on a lease and take care of the cars, you can do well with them.

That's only because the used car market is hot right now. More and more people are buying used cars and also the recession has less and less people buying new cars, trickle down effect is less used cars on the market. Consider yourself lucky to be in the right place at the right time.