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Originally Posted by grandmoff View Post
Sorry to hijack your thread but figured it may be relevant. Little update... Set map zero yesterday just to see if anything was different... Pump did prime, car started fine. No issues on the way to work but it is a short drive at 8 miles. Not suggesting it is the tune (worked fine for months) but I do want to rule
It out. Will keep driving like this for a few days and see if I keep having problems. Was planning to pull my tune anyway as I understand there may be a new software update I should get before I install my FMIC. What software version are you running shockin?
I have 2.42 I believe

Originally Posted by N55 View Post
You pull out your procede to update it? THat's a PIA when you can just update it without taking it out.

@ Shockin330i

Weird how that is happening, mine has 12k miles and I have only (Not tune related) experienced long crank a couple times. I hope you get your situation resolved.
Well you at least have to take off the canbus. but if you feel like something is wrong its always best to take tunes off.

Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
Just an FYI, I believe the pump should only prime if the fuel pressure sensor reads no (or little) pressure. Once pressure is built, it does tend to maintain for a little while when the engine is turned off. But I would imagine that first thing in the morning (when the car hasn't been driven all night), you will always hear it prime. But just because it doesn't for some reason, doesn't mean that the HPFP is failing.

I don't think its the hpfp. Weird thing is my car use to always prime when unlocking. Now I noticed that it doesn't do it at all. I'm going to let my car sit for about 10 hours or so today and see if it fails to start again. I'm going to take the car in anyway and have them update the dme again and maybe get the 2.44
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