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Funny thing is I got long cranks in cold weather, now I am getting stalls in hot weather. Never had it where it wouldn't turn over though. It _does_ seem like it only starts doing it once the car is hot and not in the mornings. It is always at low RPM in first/second seems to be around 1.5-2k RPMs. I had it happen yesterday taking a turn in 2nd giving it some gas. Completely stalled on me about 30 min later at a light in 1st.

@N55 yeah, taking off the tune is going to be a terrible pain. I just would rather not be worried about it.

@shockin, thanks, I need to check my version. I need to sort out what I have but it is whatever came with it when I got the car back in January.

@shiv, thanks for the info, that makes sense and explains why I haven't been hearing it all the time.