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Real Gruppe M 335i Intake Results

I am tired of seeing no-name badge EBay special air intakes. While working at AEM in the R&D department developing air intakes, among other things, I found the EBay intakes to be rather insulting. I still find them insulting although I now work for another company (I still deal with plenty of knock off designs popping up). The blatant cheap knock offs make me ill... on that note I recently had the opportunity to test out the real Gruppe M 335i carbon fiber air intake.

I went to Technik Engineering to get a stock baseline dyno without the intake, then immediate dyno results with the intake. The dyno at Technik was a Dynojet and SAE correction was used. Here is the dyno chart of the best stock run (blue) versus the one of the runs with the intake installed (red):

To better view the plot in a larger size go here:

Bitch about the price all you want. You have now seen that it does offer better flow than stock and thus improves performance. It is also quite esthetically pleasing.

If anyone wants to see any other test results then let me know. I will try and get it done.