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I have noticed a consistent trend... people don't generally read posts thoroughly. Again I said that I used to work at AEM and that I currently work for another company (Turbonetics). I don't work at AEM anymore. I am not limited to their product lineup. They also don't want to touch the 335i so there will never be an AEM 335i intake.

I had the opportunity to test the Gruppe M intake so I thought I would share the results. I had seen multiple posts requesting some data to prove that there can be power gained from an aftermarket intake on the 335i. There have also been posts saying that some intakes can decrease power, which is certainly possible.

As for bitching about knockoffs why should I not be allowed to do so? If your career and well being was to design new products to peform at certain levels you would be bitter when people rip it off without putting the time or money into the development. Manufactering methods, quality control, and engineering time add cost to products. When you take out those elements you can offer something at much less than those companies that have those systems in place. When people buy the cheap no name stuff it just hurts the companies that are legitimate. I am an engineer. This is how I make my living. I have the right to defend what I do.