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Originally Posted by Tortfeasor 335xi View Post
...You are assuming I think Mr. Boehner is a good leader. I do not... continue to point fingers at republican incompetence instead of dealing with Obama's or the debt limit discussions...
Good, we both agree that John Boner is a worthless leader, unsuitable to lead even a yappy little dog on a leash (Cantor). I'm glad we can agree. The sad part is that Boner is the top of the ladder in the Republican House leadership. Which says a lot about the loooong line of weak Republicans behind him in the House, who elected Boner as the best leader among themselves.

As for Obama, I went over exactly what Obama did better than your own benchmark of excellence, Bill Clinton, and how Obama beat your own benchmark. It is pretty funny that you have chosen to now minimize Obamacare, DADT, Stimulus, and the Hate Crime expansion. Now that you don't think that they are a big deal, I'm looking forward to you NEVER bitching and moaning about them.

(Actually, I'm looking forward to you bitching and moaning about them in the future, just so I can link back to your post and point out how you minimized the significance of all these issues when it suited your political whims.)

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