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Originally Posted by ksfrogman View Post
Thanks for doing this.

Originally Posted by SoCal335i View Post
I will still take a replica. Paying $1800 for an intake that makes 7whp and 4lb tq is not just getting ripped off but its just dumb. I can Understand an intake for a Ferrari costing $3400 but they will only sell like 10 per year. There are going to be thousands of 335 / 535's out there and many more intakes will be sold. Eventually someone will come out with a cheaper solution that gives you the same gains. Supersprint's exhaust from the down pipes back was like $5k when it came out. I have yet to see a 335 with that exhaust on.
I wouldnt go as far as "dumb" but $1800 for 7 Hp, nice as it may be, doesn't seem like money well spent. I understand that u are also pleased with the sound and looks of it. however, its still spending about $250-260 per each HP increase...

Just for a comparison: Piggyback unit, such as AA or Vishnu, is est. $1300 for roughly 50+ hp gain. Thats abou $26 for each Hp.

I am currently having a hard time try to justify an exhaust system purchase. I will be looking to spend about $2- 2.5 k for pretty minimal gain ( cat back, no res. and no 2nd cat)... if i get somewhere between $50- $80 per HP gained, i will be happy.

just my 2 cents.

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