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Originally Posted by Havok_2011 View Post
I disagree...people that have seen it like it...but most importantly, I love it. To each his own.

For me, the stripes on the fender don't look right if they are done on both sides, and the dimensions are not correct in the widths of the stripes. The proportions are important to the look (typical architect that I am lol). Otherwise, cf vinyl does not bother's just the means by which its applied that i'm particular about.

It's all and I seem to follow a trend of disagreements lol.
Agreed: I guess it's your car = do whatever you want.

but I don't understand when you say: "you and I seem to follow a trend of disagreements lol".....WTF? I don't think I know who you are, and if you say that you know who I am, that's pretty spooky.
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