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Originally Posted by E902E92 View Post
Agreed: I guess it's your car = do whatever you want.

but I don't understand when you say: "you and I seem to follow a trend of disagreements lol".....WTF? I don't think I know who you are, and if you say that you know who I am, that's pretty spooky.
I don't have a clue who you are, but I remember people's user names and posts....whats spooky is that you kept posting in my for sale threads claiming my asking prices were shit, even though you were never interested in buying anything...which was just annoying - second thread you posted in was you simply being a shit disturber:

First FS Thread:

Second FS Thread:

And now you are shitting on my cf stripe...which was always shown on my sig pic by the way....or did you not notice my sig pic when you were pooping all over my threads??? spooky x 10000000 lol