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Originally Posted by cezary View Post
I get fault codes 29F5, 29F4 every 500km after I delete them.
My car currently has 6,104km on it.
I've cleared it multiple times but they come back.
After resetting the adaptation values they came back after 180km.
I've Cleared all codes. Turned the battery off for 15min. And check all the connection but everything seems to be good.
I haven't yet pulled the O2 sensors out yet.

What available actual values should I be looking for in the BT tool to torubleshoot the problem. What voltage or other values should i be looking for to see which O2 Sensor it is or even worse which Catalytic converter it is.

Codes 29F5, 29F4 with Service Engine Soon light on.
No Warranty, I bought it on Auction it was hit in the back quarter panel.
It's a brand new car.
No warranty? Its essentially still new?