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Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
A question on the software: in another thread, you wrote "The N55 software is developed with the new BMW software and is only available as a bench load. No OBD2 interface is posible at this time. The software works with the N55 DME, no matter what chassis the engine is in. It is NOT a shadow program, it is factory BMW based software, shows up on the ISIS and GT1 as BMW software. It does NOT tamper with any emission components."

So - is this software invisible to the dealer when they search for evidence of tuner codes? That seems to be the implication, but just want to be sure.

Would you offer the same reduced pricing to tune a 335d?
They will read the software as the stock software.
Sorry already have a 335d coming in next week as well as a F10 535 for the reduced price we offered.