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People think that because they have purchased a M3 in the US, they are the top of the crop. With taxation and greediness that we have in Brazil, a 335i nowadays is more like US$ 170K, so we are in Ferrari and Porsche (Carrera 4S, 911 Turbo) territory when doing a direct comparison with the US market. If you see a South American (specially Brazilians) with a BMW, be sure that they are on a different tax bracket than you.

P.S.: I currently do not have a BMW, I have traded mine for an Audi TTS, I got a 2011, used, with 450 miles on the clock, price tag US$ 151K, if were bought brand new it would get out of the dealership for US$ 182 K. Plus the financing here is some ridiculous 25% APR, so I had to fork all the money upfront.