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Really enjoyed reading that write up/review of what looks like it was an amazing road trip. I'm glad you guys have found much love for what us UK guys call the "Big D"

The photos look great and the roads look fun, people in the UK have this view that the states don't have any decent driving roads. But you proved you have!!

I had a 335d coupe from 2007-2010 and it was an amazing machine, and actually just as quick as a 335i.

I too had the odd road trip into Europe and had 3 trips to
The Nurburgring! The 335d excelled for sure. For a big car it handles it's weight very well and it's pace over 100mph pretty incredible!

Did you pick up your 335d from Germany?! Is that how you did the 'Ring in her?!

Have you considered a tune?! It really does make a great car
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