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Originally Posted by richpike View Post
My family had a 1993 Ranger for ~10 years. Only thing ever replaced on it was the clutch at ~200K miles. Then 2 F150s, also bullet proof. Can't go wrong with Ford trucks. If my wife would drive something other than Land Rovers I'd buy a F150 with the Ecoboost in a heartbeat right now.

I am pretty much the only one who drives the truck except for my son-in-laws when they borrow it. One of them got a F-150 4X4 Lariat last year which is very nice. I just did the Ranger clutch a few weeks many people learned to drive stick on it. Rebuilt most of the drive train while I was at it, retirement gives you time to do stuff. It also sees a lot of light off-road when we go out shooting. Can't live in Carolina without a pickup.

The wife drives the X3 most of the time or the Expedition if she has a lot of stuff or people to move. Think the next switch for her will be the X3 to an X5.

The Expedition is like the Ranger, a load carrier & will be around to 6/7 years like its predecessor. It’s the extended length version & gets used a lot in the summer shuttling back & forth to the beach house.

I expect to swap the 335is for an M4 coupe in 2014 if they are released later this year. Would like to avoid the first production models. Will probably keep the 135is 6MT convert for a while like the 2004 330Ci ZHP convert, its a fun car & everybody used it.
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