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Originally Posted by enrita View Post
gonna test my low timings and low boost maps to see how the car behaves, than i will probably try stacking jb4 G5 ISO. apparently thats the only way to make the dme happy but dont like i cannot log all cylinder timings... cylinder 1 flatlines and drops too so if that one is happy i guess the others are as well
well on my car, I wanted a setup that's easier to remove for warranty and what not.

I already have COBB and will be using for fuel, timing. JB4 G5 ISO will do some boost, and the meth control.

I will setup a solid ATR map and let the JB4 lift the boost a bit and take care of the meth.
I will also try running a BMS backend flash to see whether it's a better way to go.

not being able to log all cylinders is a huge downside if you ask me. Based on my ATR maps now, cylinder 1 is the least prone to timing corrections to the point where I have seen it once during literally more than 50 logs on the different atr revisions I've done on my car. Cylinder 5 is the naughty one and unfortunately I won;t be able to log. That's why I'm thinking to have a full fledged map under JB4 vs having a backend only meant for fuel and timing.

what do you think
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