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Originally Posted by pjs View Post
Unless you are going to do some serious off roading or need it for your job, I really dont see the point of the Defender unless it is some kind of statement you are trying to make. Much more refined, practical, faster, better looking alternatives are available.
We are
Strange that they retain value better than almost any other car and are used the World over. What statement might we be trying to make? We live in rural Cornwall, not London. We'll need it all the time from work in the garden (5 acres, much if it woodland) to towing the boat up tricky beaches to just green laning for fun.
Yes there are. But we didn't want any of them.

Cheers Anneka!

Carlos - check that vid. That Landy hasn't had much modding done to it at all. It'll do the most proper off roading of any car on sale today! Can't wait to test it out.

Will add a bit of underbody protection and it'll do that kind of stuff fine.