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      10-16-2012, 02:24 AM   #1
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LTMW | Creaminz

It has been almost 4 years since I bought my E90 335i. As most of you already know, this car went through few different stages. Thanks to LTMW (former LTBMW).
It has been a blast modding this car and I couldn't be happier with how the car looks today.
So I would like to share all the previous stages that my car went through and where it sits today. Ya'll be the judge and let me know which stage looked the best

WARNING: This is going to be a long thread with tons of photos.
WARNING: I am not the best writer or at making thread so please be nice

Chapter: Alpine White

2009 12.12. I bought the car new almost fully loaded. Coming from heavy SUV, this car was just unreal. Handling, torque, smoothness, pure sickness.

Got my interior trim wrapped in CF vinyl by none other than Long Tran.

H&R Sport springs added along with VMR V710 (still one of my fav to date) wrapped in Toyo proxes.
Black kidney grill done, and also got some MTEC hid fogs & RD angel eyes. Car looked awesome and handled great.
I love the black & white theme that was slowly building up. For the price, those VMR V710 wins big in my book.

Another visit to Long, got authentic Eisenmann race and also Koni yellow to pair with my H&R springs.
Huge improvement over stock shock/spring combo.

Also added Forge DV to the list…whoosh!! It was highly recommend by forum members and tuners so ye...

It didn't took me long to curb my wheels for the first time. That's when I first met this wheel repair legend. Son Tran.
I couldn't believe what I was looking at…he turned my curbed wheel into Time Attack V710!!

I came home that night to install M3 spoiler I ordered from…….damn can't remember where I order it from. Took some pics next day. I liked it !!!

Hit something on the freeway…I think it was a squirrel…messed up my intercooler

But LOOK! It is GIANT INTERCOOLER!!! yes Long ordered me Active Autowerkes Intercooler, which I still have it on my car after 4 years

First Bimmerfest I attended after acquiring my E90

After that…things started to happen quick! Performance Front bumper, I believe I was the first in US to have it back then….or at least that is what Long told me

Karbonwerke Trunk..kicks up HIGH!!!! also sick sick sick BMW Performance Diffuser with Vanguard. It is still very popular combo.
Got rid of Eisenmann due to insane drone. Bastuck Quads baby!

Thanks to FrankiE90…Volk CE28 Time Attack…19x10.5 et25 rear

Coilover? Yessir. Bilstein PSS 10

First LTBMW meet. Remember this? 3 years later, this meet got 10 times bigger.

By this time, I have added new BBK, FBO, LTBMW splitter.

Thanks FrankiE90

BBS LM DBK, New BBK color, painted roof, mirrors….I believe I had Black BBS lug nuts as well…
oh and performance steering wheel, shift knob, and e-brake.

things just got serious…holy chit…I let LTBMW chop up my car!!

And the result? Phat ass. OEM M3 quarter panel implant done. Reverse faced LMs….sick.

First magazine appearance….it was just a beginning.

And I met this guy…John Zizzle…sizzle…Zhang. 1013MM. Dynamic Duo Photoshoot with McMuffins sick ass E92 wide body.

Adding some more performance mods to this bish AWD upgraded turbos, ar oil cooler and iCarbon catless downpipes to replace ar dps…I went back to ar later on.

now….what the hell is going on??



Matte Black Performance E90 LCI….and some dyno

And that was the last time I saw my car in Alpine white or matte black. Full transformation has begun….but first thing first someone get Ivan some TORTA!!!!!

Tear down has begun…I still remember these days…just checking on forums everyday for an update

And….drum roll please….few days later.

Porsche GT3 RS Black/Grey on BMW 335i ??? can't go wrong right??
Filled OEM M3 front fenders…brilliant!

I like what I see…..love that color!!

Long saying…."man let's paint the car back to white." syke!!!!

Best interior mod ever. BMW Performance Seats.

Color change done. M3 exterior conversion done. @ LTBMW meet

P.S. If I wanted an M3 front, this is how I wanted it in the beginning with LCI headlights...
so if someone out there is willing to try this..please do it!! I want to see it
but nonetheless I couldn't be any happier with my full M3 makeover

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      10-16-2012, 02:24 AM   #2
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Chapter: Grey/Black

Soooo now I have fully converted my car with M3 body parts…what do I need? of course the front lip! and M3 mirrors to ditch those dumbo ears! mind as well, CF covers to go with it

Gotta love dealing with LTMW. Sponsorship poplin' left & right! KW Clubsport! HRE C93!

Oh my my…19x9.5 / 19x11.5….sick!!!

Oh boy…what do we got…E90…convertible…say WHAT!??

That's right. LTMW FTW. Carbon Fiber roof…not an easy thing to install!!

And my E90 made onto Eurotuner magazine!! COVER!!!

Back @ Bimmerfest with LTMW Fam Bam!!

Baddest automotive Photographer. 1013MM aka John Zhang

I told you I went back to ar downpipes but once I again I loose them later on

This is something I look at every time I drive the car. worth every penny. OEM M3 cluster, coded to 335i spec.

Steve Thomas meet with Mod-father

I wanted new shoes…but something thick, fat, and wide!! Advan TC III….315 rear

Just me being me, trying something different than what I have. Swift spring conversion

Rear subframe dropped…finishing up M3 suspension bits

while we are at it, let's add some COOL to this car ER Dual oil cooler

bye bye little one

All I want for Christmas is you…..NOT!! Performance Steering Ver.II badass

Crazy. GT4 CF lip

Volk TE37SL 18x10.5 Square setup and showing off the GT4 lip

Doing the valve cover gasket the FOB way lol instant cup noodle, kimchi hahaha

And the result?? LMAO AAA to LTMW!!!! but hey I did everything right except…
just forgot to plug in the crank shaft sensor which caused car to drunk idle DOH!!

And at one point I had this M3 GTS wing/lip combo Honestly this wing looks x10 better on 1M

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      10-16-2012, 02:25 AM   #3
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LTMW hooked me up with set of OSS headlights

Ditched GTS wing for Voltex wing

I bet no one else has this setup for their E90. Performance BMW look rear seats w/autopower rollbar

Streets of Willow

Featured in Performance BMW greatest feeling as a car enthusiaste.

Had a vision…hit up LTMW and they agree to help me with this crazy idea…
Photoshop'd it first…

Now popular but World's First 1M Front on my E90 by LTMW

Added some Slek Lip


So…crazy diffusor, 1M front/lip, Red Volk TE37SL, wing….result? Because Racecar

Goodbye ar dos…I'm going downpipeless…say what!? J/K…i want more speed.

Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo installation by LTMW

On my way to San Francisco…home of Single Turbo N54 for some tuning!

Fully tuned Single turbo N54

Break Time!!! Picked up 1988 E30 M3

Picked up steering wheel for E30 M3. Also CF door panels, EURO tails, mono wiper & BBS RS from modfather

Ok. Back to E90 dream wheel setup. BBS E88.

while the BBS E88 is getting some special treatment from LTMW, I picked up a set of HRE 540

Back to Vanguard dual with Performance diffusor

Picked up another set of BMW Performance Seats…..for my E30 M3. But I sold them to M3 driver.

BBS E88 is ready!! WOOT!!!! 18x10 ! 18x12 ! DAMN!

FrankiE90 checking the fitment, he has high standard in wheel fitment…I better pass is visual check!

One of my E88 was leaking air so time for re-seal, I should have asked LTMW to do it in the beginning yes I seal them myself FAIL! lol
meanwhile….picked up another set of wheels. HRE R40.

Visited EAS - European Auto Source for some dyne action. Car put down impressive 560rwhp/500tq.

while I was busy taking care of my wife, boys @ LTMW took my car out to Buttonwillow
If you haven't heard about it, track events are hosted by Speed District (tightie on M3post)
I personally never attended one but heard very well organized track event so check them out.

And the latest news on this car? My E90 will be featured in European Car Magazine in Feb.2013 issue.
Just attended their GP challenge, had a blast. I am not allowed to post any results so make sure to pick up a copy of European Car magazine.
Magazine companies needs our support, I would love to have magazine company like the European Car stays with us forever.
so please if you can subscribe or pick up a copy @ local book store that would be much appreciated.

I am sure I have forgot to document some of stuffs I have done to the car but this thread will give you an idea of what this car went through...
damn...come to think about it, forgot to add Quaife LSD somewhere

Anyways, I would like to thank few people before I finish off this thread....

One and Only LT MW Long, Ivan, Rene, Sung, Phil, X, Melisa, Cat, Sal.
John Zhang @ 1013MM. I am still amazed where you guys are at right now. Hard work definitely pays off.
I am just very happy to see both LTMW & 1013MM succeed in what they do.
Helped me out so much that I couldn't have car like this without their ultimate support. Thanks

E90post for crazy support throughout the years.
I can not thank you guys enough for all the nice comments about my car, ideas and just being cool about it.
Thank you all very much. Hopefully I can come up with different projects that will get your attention near future E90POST FTW!

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Chapter: Wheel setups / BBK colors

VMR V710
19x8.5 et 25
19x9.5 et 22

toyo t1r
235 35 19 / 265 30 19

Volk CE28 Time Attack
19x8.5 et 35
19x10.5 et 25

toyo t1r
235 35 19 / 265 30 19

19x8.5 et 22
19x10 et 25

toyo t1r
235 35 19 / 265 30 19


hankook v12
265 35 19 / 285 30 19

Advan TC III


falken rt615k
275 35 18 / 315 30 18

Volk TE37SL Graphite


nitto nt05 / hankook rs3

275 35 18 / 275 35 18

Volk TE37SL Red


hankook rs3

265 35 18 / 285 35 18

HRE 540


continental extreme

245 35 19 / 285 30 19



hankook rs3

265 35 18 / 285 30 18




275 35 18 / 285 30 18

Brembo GT

6pot 380mm
4pot 345mm



Fiji Green/Black





List of Mods

Porsche GT3 RS Grey Paint
OEM M3 Front Bumper w/Deleted Side Markers
OEM M3 Headlights OSS
OEM M3 Side Mirrors
OEM M3 Front Side Panels w/Deleted M3 vent
OEM M3 Side skirts
OEM M3 Rear Quarter Panels
OEM M3 Performance Spoiler
OEM M3 Hood
OEM CF Mirror Covers
M-World GT4 Dry CF Lip
Voltex 1S
Custom Rear Bumper/Diffusor
Matte Black Kidney Grill
Huper Optik 40% All Around
CF Hood/Trunk Emblem
Turner Tow Strap

Interior / Lightning
OEM Performance Electric Steering Wheel Ver. 2
OEM Performance MT Shift Knob w/Alcantara Boot
OEM Performance e-Brake Handle w/Alcantara Boot
OEM Performance Seats
OEM M3 Gauge/Cluster
OEM M3 Headliner
Custom Performance BMW rear seat
AutoPower Rollbar Painted White
Schroth Harness
Carbon Fiber Interior Wrap
ER CF Engine Cover painted Black
LED Interior Light Kit
Valentine 1 Hardwired
Alekshop Rear View Camera
P3Car Rixter Vent Boost Gauge
Phllips 5000K HID
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Emblem

Suspension / Brake / Wheel
KW Clubsport Coilover
SWIFT Sping 400/800
OEM M3 Front Strut Brace
OEM M3 Front Sway Bar
OEM M3 Rear Sway Bar
OEM M3 Tension Strut Front R/L
OEM M3 Wishbone Front R/L
OEM M3 Wishbone Rear R/L
OEM M3 Bushings
OEM M3 Regulating Rod
HPA Adjustable End-Links
Brembo GT 'Black' - Front: 6 Piston 380mm
Brembo GT 'Black' - Rear: 4 Piston 345mm
BBS E88 18x10 / 18x12
Hankook RS3 265 / 285
HRE R40 18x10 / 18x10.5
Continental 275 / 285
90mm Stud Kit

Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo 58mm
Vishnu PROceed V5 Rev.3
Vishnu PWM Methonal Injection Kit
Vishnu Chargepipe
Forge Diverter Valves Ver.II
Active Autowerks Intercooler
Evolution Racewerks Competition Dual Oil Cooler
Custom Exhaust
Quaife Limited Slip Differential

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Fawkin Hawt. Jizzed Everywhereee
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love your car and nice write up! big props to ltmw for being able to transform your whole car
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Just a normal member.
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This was when I never met the King Of Diffffuzzzzzzzzzorrrrrrrrr Naoooooooooooosssss!
Originally Posted by nrrm1127 View Post
My life is complete. Yodaime has commented on a post with my car in it.
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I have a feeling this is going to be on the homepage soon! Great job Darren!
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And this is why so many BMWs go to LTMW as they have done amazing work on your car. You inspired me with the AW performance look I want m3 rear quarter panels NAOOO!
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Definitely my all time favorite E90. I loved every transformation and every stage of this car. You've definitely inspired a lot of the things I do to my own car. Great thread and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the future of this car. Great job as always, Darren!

As always, LTMW is the place to go!

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this is awesome. its like watching a baby grow up and make to the nba. dope thread.

Lowlife. SF Daily.
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So much win! Great job in transforming your car. And props to LTMW as well. I wish I lived close by.
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So how much offset do you gain from reversing the LMs faces? and did you end up using spacers for even more of an aggressive stance??? I'm considering doing it on my LM-Rs...
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Great pictures and write up! Surprised I'm on the first page. Always excited to click on a thread with your screen name on it.

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best look. M3 bumper, yellow brembos, Graphite Volks.. IMO

Respect for the work and money you put into it..
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i am speechless, for the i lost count how many times
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Inspirational. I think that word best describes your car for any E90 owner on here.

'nuff said.

..JB4 G5 ISO | Helix FMIC | CP-e Chargepipe | Synapse BOV | VRSF Catless DP's | Dinan FFE | Alpina B3 TCU Flash..
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Amazing build!
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Amazing journey

2013 335is-Current
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Fuckin sick man! Awesome build!!
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N54 <3
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Your car has come a Long (see what I did there? heh) way!
Aside from the Time Attacks, I loved every transformation you had made on your E90.
Like I've said before, everytime I see "Creaminz" in the thread subject, I get giddy.

E90 335xi|Nav pkg|Sport pkg|Dakota leather|Brushed aluminum trim|MTech kit
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Props to you for having such an amazing car and props to the LTMW crew for all their amazing work!

This is one of my most favorite shots on the forum...

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