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      10-11-2009, 09:09 AM   #1

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BMW Innovation Days 2009 -- Focus on Interior and Infotainment

** Make sure to download the PDF below for the more indepth look at BMW innovations if this post interests you **

As should be no surprise, BMW Research and development is always working on tackling the issues that are coming around the bend.

The Car of the Future...
Light. More specifically, interior lighting. So what? Well, some time ago, BMW had made a conscious effort to improve the interior lighting and give the car an actual 'ambiance' while inside, in the same way a club's lighting gives the place a certain feel. So far they have made big strides as you can compare the cool non-jarring interior lighting of a BMW to nearly any other car on the market whoose interior lighting is strictly functional. That is of course not to say BMWs scheme is not functional as they put the priority in trying to give proper lighting to a wide array of scenarios such as reading a book or trying to decipher a map, but to do it in more style by also lighting certain parts of the trim and seats to give a nice effect to the interior. To reach their goal, engineers have been studying different sources of lighting and different shapes of the actual light beams.

Seats. Arguably one of the most important components of the interior. BMW have been looking at ways to improve not only comfort and safety features of the seats but also at ways to reduce their weight and physical dimension in order to gain more interior space. BMW have come up with three new seat concepts as a result of research:
  • The Bionic Seat. Nature design. 20% improvement in backrest design.
  • The Space Comfort Shell. This design is moulded off a shell of the human body and with the help of adaptive cushions will give the cocoon effect when you sit in it. This design also offers a 50% weight reduction compared to current seats.
  • Ergo Seat. A hybrid between the two above designs and is something much closer to a production reality design. Its 2kg (10%) lighter then the current series production BMW Performance seat, while offering more functionality then that seat.

Displays. The most recent big step for BMW in this department was the introduction of HUD in 2003. Further advancement in the HUD has focused mainly in two directions. 1) To add more color and offer a true full color HUD. 2) Head Up Max Research Project - A project to give the driver a larger display area for the HUD and then allow the driver to actually decide on what information is displayed in the HUD windows (navigation, telephone, entertainment, etc..). Thus giving the driver a much deeper level of control then what anyone currently offers.

This area of research is actually the origin of BMW Black Panel technology innovations and Laser projection tech. This stuff will likely filter throughout the BMW range in the future as was first shown off in the MINI crossover concept last year.

Sound. At its core, the goal in sound modification is to reduce unwanted sounds like windnoise from the mirrors or squeaks and rattles. But BMW have decided to go in a different direction. How would you like the option of cruising along with the soundtrack of a large V8 or an inline-6 at the push of a button? Well interestingly enough, using a MINI concept BMW have created a car that does just that, namely changes the sound of the engine at your request. This goes a little too far, but it is very interesting none the less.

Infotainment of the Future...
MINI In Car Entertainment. Its no secret, between RSS feeds, twitter, facebook and the huge number of blogs out there, information constantly updating. With the advent of improved 3G, UMTS, LTE and WIFI systems BMW aims to bring much of this information to your car. BMW are working on the MINI Connected project which aims to bring the internet in its full glory to you while in the car. At its core, the idea is to use your internet capable phone such as the iPhone to feed data into the car while plugged in. This will allow the car to not only poll data it needs from the internet but also allow user definable information to be displayed such a RSS feeds or twitter feeds. Not to mention internet radio or hugely popular local search functions on phones.

MINI Music Map. Ever have trouble managing your massive music collection? I do.. BMW/MINI have come up with their own solution called the music map which offers a different take on music management and navigation. Various islands are formed with similar artists or genres plotted on islands together. The music itself would come from any portable device that you plug into the car like the iPod or iPhone.

Connected Drive with Personal Video. BMW have already shown us the internet as a part of Connected Drive which displays web pages on the iDrive screen. BMW now tries to take things a step further to allow you to watch online videos as well. BMWs pilot program involves a local news station in Munich. The daily news broadcasts are compiled into nuggets and sent to the car where the daily newscasts can be viewed rapidly and in succession. Anyone who has been inside an NYC cab will know what this is like The real limitation to this technology at this time is bandwidth, but as more 4G networks roll out across the world, this should not be a problem in the future.

Personal Mobility of the Future...
Traffic Management. Traffic is one of those things that only gets worse every year. BMW wants to help us out with better traffic management systems. The question to be tackled here is: What information about traffic is available? How do we get that information to the driver when its actually useful -- that is to say, before he is stuck in traffic.

The current over the air traffic system called the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) uses FM radio to transmit data, but is really inadequate from a bandwidth point of view. A whole new protocol has been proposed called the TPEG (Transportation Protocol Expert Group). This new protocol could be easily supported by HD radio, UMTS or other 4G systems.

Meanwhile there is also interest on traffic lights and control centers which could be used to transmit traffic data to drivers in real time, not only traffic data but more specific information such as when the light will go green. BMW also are working on integrating this information with nearby available public transportation systems. So for example if there is heavy congestion for the last 5 miles of your trip, the car may calculate that its faster to pull over to a nearby subway and take that to get into your destination faster.

BMW Innovation 2009 has so much to offer, you can read the entire PDF format file which gives a more indepth view of the topics we talked about above: http://www.e90post.com/goodiesforyou...vation2009.pdf
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this is awesome
gone baby gone...
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Im glad theyre doing something about this. Bmw has always been the best looking cars and best driving, but not always the best in electronics.

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the last 2 photos can help durring a stop n go race lol. jump the gun better XD
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oau!! I like this future!!
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so cool....I'm glad to be a part of this day and age....
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Extremely interesting post.
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Gotta love the gadgets!
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Too awesome!

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awesome stuff!
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i love the heads up navi. plus the count down from red to green light.
the eruopeans copy off each other, if only the americans would cope them too.
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Maybe the Jame Bond series will transfer back to BMWs, specifically the 750, after seeing these gadgets.

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That is very cool! Go BMW.... I am such a fan boy!
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"Sound. At its core, the goal in sound modification is to reduce unwanted sounds like windnoise from the mirrors or squeaks and rattles. But BMW have decided to go in a different direction. How would you like the option of cruising along with the soundtrack of a large V8 or an inline-6 at the push of a button? Well interestingly enough, using a MINI concept BMW have created a car that does just that, namely changes the sound of the engine at your request. This goes a little too far, but it is very interesting none the less."

If they did this and offered a "Ferrari exhaust" option... I'd probably go for it!

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WTF... they need a v1 radar on that thing to show us where the cop is!!
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Originally Posted by and1bball919 View Post
WTF... they need a v1 radar on that thing to show us where the cop is!!

That's about the only thing that's missing.

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the biggest change they need to make in the tech is in the iDrive--let us enter the house number FIRST before selecting through the 10 different matches to a street name!!!
some italian, german, and japanese ones; and on order more of the same
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about freaking time. this is great new!
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wow crazy germans..
son of a bitch putting the better stuff into newer cars haha
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WOOW..! More Electronics and Gadgets..! More Malfunctions Error On the iDrive...LOL
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My God....!
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