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      04-18-2012, 02:42 PM   #1

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Cool Video: Limited Edition Alpina B3 GT3 in Action Hitting 192mph Top Speed

Video: Limited Edition Alpina B3 GT3 in Action Hitting 192mph Top Speed

Here is some footage of Alpina's B3 GT3 limited edition (of 99), which is based on the Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo, but with 8 more HP. Re-designing sections of the exhaust system and installing a new enhanced Akrapovic rear silencer increased output in the B3 GT3 by this 8 HP. The direct petrol injected N54 engine delivers a total power output of 408hp at 6000rpm and 540Nm of torque at 4500rpm.

The Alpina B3 GT3 sprints from 0-62mph (0-100kmh) 4.6 seconds and has a top speed of 192mph (309kmh), which the driver, Sport Auto's test drive editor Christian Gebhardt, hits in this video.

See also below for our coverage of the B3 GT3 from the 2012 Geneva auto show.

Limited Edition Alpina B3 GT3


Motor sport heritage limited edition based on the BMW ALPINA B3 S Bi-Turbo Coupé

ALPINA’s recent return to international motor sport peaked last year, with the drivers Alexandros Margaritis and Dino Lunardi winning the German GT Series, the 2011 ADAC GT Masters Championship, in the BMW ALPINA B6 GT3. With this achievement ALPINA purposefully demonstrates that despite a long absence from motor sports, cutting edge automotive know-how and technical expertise continues to be the foundation for the development of exclusive BMW ALPINA automobiles. Ideal circumstances to re-kindle the long-standing ALPINA tradition of creating ultra small series limited editions.

The BMW ALPINA B3 GT3 combines exceptional characteristics and technical features of the ALPINA B6 GT3 race car with classic design elements of iconic ALPINA automobiles of the past – to the delight of ALPINA customers and enthusiasts worldwide.

Strictly limited to 99 cars, the BMW ALPINA B3 GT3 will be available from spring 2012 at a price of approx. € 90.000,- including 19% VAT (German specification, ex-works Buchloe).

The exceptionally smooth twin turbocharged 3.0 liter in line six-cylinder engine from the BMW ALPINA B3 S Bi-Turbo - with its massive torque and effortless performance - is also employed in the B3 GT3. Re-designing sections of the exhaust system and installing a newly enhanced rear silencer the exhaust pressure has been further reduced, increasing output in the B3 GT3 by 8hp. The direct petrol injected engine now delivers a total power output of 408hp at 6000rpm and 540Nm of torque at 4500rpm.

+ Titanium rear silencer and tailpipes, lightweight made by Akrapovič

Developed in collaboration with Akrapovič, the renowned specialist for Titanium exhaust systems, the B3 GT3 exhaust system is
lightweight, impressive yet elegant in appearance and, in keeping with the character of the car, has a raspy sound.

The use of Titanium for the rear silencer and tailpipes, in addition to other constructional design measures such as the removal of the middle silencer, the use of an x-section and significantly larger diameter pipes, has resulted not only in a reduction in back pressure but also a weight saving of 11kg.

Taking design cues from the B6 GT3 race car and in order to support weight reduction efforts, the exhaust system ‘only‘ has two
typically ALPINA oval shaped tailpipes but of increased diameter (115mm). In addition to its heat protective function, the lightweight carbon tailpipe trim provides for a more aggressive design.

Extensive sound development measures where aimed at achieving a natural, unfiltered and typical six cylinder sound.

+ High performance fixed calliper brake system

Besides exceptional acceleration, in 4.5s from 0-100km/h, and a fulminant power delivery, negative acceleration also plays a pivotal role in satisfying the demands of enthusiast drivers.

The B3 GT3 features a high performance motor sport brake set-up with 6-piston fixed callipers at the front and 4-piston fixed calliper at the rear, with grooved discs measuring 380 x 35 mm at the front and 355 x 32 mm at the rear. The brake callipers are painted in blue with discrete ALPINA lettering in Silver.

Overall, the brakes are designed for high stress and load under forced conditions and are characterised by excellent fading resistance, good modulation (control) and response - without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

+ ALPINA GT3 CLASSIC 19“ lightweight alloy wheels, forged

Anyone mentions the name ALPINA, most people inevitably think of the famous ALPINA CLASSIC light alloy wheels, their closely guarded trademark design significantly shaping the appearance of almost all BMW ALPINA automobiles since the beginning.
It is only logical then, that the new and exclusively for the B3 GT3 available lightweight forged alloy wheels are also of CLASSIC design. Forged aluminium alloy exhibits much higher stiffness and strength characteristics compared to conventional cast aluminium alloy, translating into a significant weight reduction and more design freedom. The design of the 19” lightweight forged alloy wheels, which are painted in Himalaya Grey, has been inspired by the B6 GT3 race car. The 20 spokes are particularly fine and ‘clean’, giving the wheel a minimalist technical and timeless appearance. The new wheels, which are 25% lighter, result in a further weight reduction of 10kg, despite increasing half-an-inch in width to 8.5 x 19" front and 9.5 x 19" rear (front: 8.9kg, rear: 9.3kg).

+ Race-bred coilover sports suspension, perfectly balanced

The coilover suspension technology in the B6 GT3 played a central role in achieving success at widely varying race circuits, which
all required very different set-ups.

The direct transfer of this technology ‘from the track to the street’ allows for far reaching adjustment of the suspension on the B3 GT3
according to widely different requirements, and for fine-tuning and balancing the handling according to personal preference.

The coilovers are fully height adjustable, meaning the ride height of the vehicle can be changed significantly. Additionally the dampers feature a 12-fold compression and 18-fold rebound adjustment. The range of adjustment has been carefully calibrated to allow for a dynamic yet sufficiently comfortable road-biased set-up for normal driving while simultaneously offering an amplitude of adjustment for also achieving a purely track-focussed race set-up.

Fundamental suspension components including the springs and stabilisers have been specifically calibrated by ALPINA to suit the
dynamic focus of the B3 GT3. Special top mounts with adjustable top mount plates at the front ensure an especially stiff connection to the chassis. Combined, all these components ensure that the B3 GT3 exhibits the kind of poised and extremely neutral handling which
one expects from ALPINA.

The overall chassis and suspension set-up translates into a real performance increase and exceptional levels of lateral grip.
If necessary over and understeer can also be influenced according to personal preference by means of adjusting the camber at the front, just like on the B6 GT3 race car.

+ Sophisticated aerodynamics

Besides its competitive drivetrain and suspension technology, the B6 GT3 race car managed to more than hold its own in the ADAC GT Masters thanks to its exceptional aerodynamics – downforce playing a vital role in achieving fast lap times. The B3 GT3 special edition exhibits a number of aerodynamic features which have been directly derived from the experience gained in motor racing.
The combination of a front splitter, which is mounted on the underside of the front spoiler, and dive plates, which are mounted on the side of the front valence, ensures excellent aerodynamic properties at the front end. To achieve an ideal aerodynamic balance a carbon wing is mounted at the rear. The profile of the rear wing is such, that it reduces lift at the rear significantly without negatively effecting the drag coefficient. The rear diffusor, in black matt, also plays a part in ensuring that the aerodynamic efficiency at the rear end is improved.

In summary, the optimum design and combination of these components means that lift has been completely dialled out, the B3 GT3 is the first roadgoing BMW ALPINA automobile to exhibit actual downforce at the front and rear.

+ GT3 Cup wheel and tyre set

For everyday use, the B3 GT3 comes equipped with MICHELIN Pilot Sport 2 tyres as standard. For the race track, an optional GT3
Cup wheel and tyre set, consisting of a set of ALPINA GT3 CLASSIC 19“ lightweight alloy wheels with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup+ tyres is available. The Cup tyres deliver excellent performance on the track in dry conditions and at an optimum tyre operating tem- perature range from 50C to 90C. Despite being road legal, these tyres are not recommended for everyday use because public roads do not offer the suitable conditions for achieving the optimum tyre operating temperatures. Furthermore, these tyres have very little
negative profile, necessitating super careful driving in damp and wet road conditions (aquaplaning).

+ Interior, tradition meets sport

All B3 GT3’s feature a Leather/Alcantara interior upholstery in black. Both driver and passenger are seated in lightweight Recaro sport seats with seat heating. Ergonomically shaped and with a firm seat cushion, they deliver excellent comfort in combination with optimum lateral support. The seats can be adjusted in height by about 30mm via their mounting points and feature manual back and horizontal adjustment.

A special highlight for ALPINA enthusiasts: vertical stripes designed in ALPINA racing colours are integrated into the front and rear seats. The sports steering wheel with paddles is finished in grippy Alcantara, hand finished with Blue/Green stitching.

+ Limited 99

Limited to 99 units worldwide, the B3 GT3 features a comprehensive and carefully selected standard equipment level, in line with its sporting character.

For customers wishing to have a built-in navigation system, B3 GT3 is available with an optional Comfort Package, which includes BMW Profes- sional Multimedia Navigation System and BMW Park Distance Control (PDC). Other BMW options are not available. The B3 GT3 is available as standard in Black Sapphire metallic and Mineral White metallic or optionally in special paintwork ALPINA Blue metallic. The interior trim is carried out in Alcantara Black with ALPINA lettering (embossed).

Unique and exclusive, the B3 GT3 is optionally available with a full body vinyl wrap in the official B6 GT3 race car design (Green/Blue/Silver), including interior trim in Green high-gloss. All cars are equipped with a rear axle with a Drexler limited slip differential, similar to the B6 GT3 race car. Every B3 GT3 is labelled with a specially designed production plaque in the interior.

Alpina B3 GT3 Limited Edition

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Sparkling Graphite Metallic FTW

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ugly as hell but sounds great
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      04-18-2012, 03:18 PM   #3

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Takes so long to get up to that high of speeds still cool car none the less
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good shit!

"simple is clean" -The ///ModFather
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I love alpina and akrapovic but +1 damn that car is ugly. Green trim dosen't do it any favors either
2006 E90 330i.
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I like the crazy ass colors! Nice!
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the compression on the b3 is different then the normal 335i correct?

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One Hundred Large and it's ugly as sin........
I'll pass. I'd rather have a new M5.... I'm just saying......
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i love the seats, and the steering wheel. Car got guts. But, the color is an eye soar.
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What a lovely interior! Luxurious, professional, stylish, subtle are just some of the adjectives that couldn't possibly be applied to this car unless one were to be clinially insane.

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0-60 in 4.6? Not impressed at all.

LOL at the two rear spoilers. This car is a joke.

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4th down; 4th quarter? Renegade.

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My knee-jerk response:

-Car is fast!
-Seats are awesome.
-Hate the paint scheme.
-Front bumper too busy.
-Rear diffuser looks pretty good.
-Akra is taking over the premium BMW market - crazy.
-Car has attrocious orange peel; or is that just the vinyl?
-I like the Alpina signature wheels.
-Why an automatic?
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4th down; 4th quarter? Renegade.

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Originally Posted by E92ML View Post
0-60 in 4.6? Not impressed at all.

LOL at the two rear spoilers. This car is a joke.
BMW rocks the factory GT4 with two spoilers...FYI.
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      04-18-2012, 05:51 PM   #15
4th down; 4th quarter? Renegade.

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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
What a lovely interior! Luxurious, professional, stylish, subtle are just some of the adjectives that couldn't possibly be applied to this car unless one were to be clinially insane.

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car costs what like 60k new? ill take the othe 40k and end up with a better looking and faster car.

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Bored at work....

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So what's the true top speed this car hit? Given that BMW speedometers love to exagerate......or does Alpina some how correct this issue?
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Looks like the Pep Boys edition e92.
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I doubt it actually hit 192mph with only 408hp...but still a nice car
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Dolphin 38

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M5 for me thanks!
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