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Arrow Simeone Auto Museum in Philadelphia, Pa

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A few months ago, I flew home to the East Coast (Washington, DC) to visit my family. While there, a good friend of mine suggested I go visit the Simeone Auto Museum up in Philadelphia, PA. I had never heard of the place. But, I am always up for a good auto museum. So... off we went to Philly. I thought if nothing else... we would get in some tasty cheese steaks.

The Museum is relatively new. I think it opened back in 2010-ish and in 2011 it was declared one of the best automotive museums in the USA! What I really liked about the museum was EVERY car ran. Everything. The staff starts up the cars every week... and they even encourage people to come out when they drive the cars in the back parking lot! They have also been known to take small kids for their first race car ride out in the back parking lot. Also, every car in the collection is a real race car with HISTORY. There are no replicas here. This place smells of gasoline and motor oil - a great smell IF you are a car nut!

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum has more than 60 cars, displayed in dioramas that reproduce the famous venues where these cars actually competed and raced at. This is what really sets this museum apart from the other museums in the USA. Dr. Simeone is also known to hang out at the museum and answer visitor's questions. I was really impressed with the way the staff greeted us, and were keen to answer any questions we might have. One staff member was even nice enough to open the hood of one of the Bugatti's because my buddie wanted to see the machining work on the cylinderheads and engine block. Now that's service!

The Museum is located near the Philly airport - across the street from the various rental car storage/service lots of the airport rental car companies. The museum's building is very nondescript and you would never know the automotive treasures that await you inside if you drove past the place. I would highly recommend anyone on the East coast to go visit this museum! Some really fascinating cars were seen there.

Well... onto my photos.


Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum
6825 Norwitch Drive
Philadelphia, Pa., 19153
(215) 365-7233



Tues - Friday: 10AM - 6PM
Sat, Sun: 10AM - 4PM
Closed Mondays

$12- Adults
$10 - Seniors
$8 - Students
Children 8 and under, free

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Arrow Dad Gets In Free This Father's Day!!

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Arrow Celebrating the fifth anniversary of its opening on Tuesday, June 18th.

Simeone Museum celebrating the fifth anniversary of its opening on Tuesday, June 18th.

Harry Hurst
Simeone Automotive Museum
(610) 725-9600

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I've been there a few times, they really do have an amazing collection.
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The red #2 Ferrari was owned my a NYC business man. There was a sign next to the car with something about how the owner had a different engine installed into the car. I think said engine was a 12 cylinder Lamborghini unit.

Three seater white Ferrari...
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Sorry no other pics on the Alfetta GTV. I think they said it was the owner's personal car used in the One Lap of America.

One thing that was nice about this museum is EVERYTHING was a real race car that RAN and was taken out behind the building and driven from time to time. The place smelled of gasoline and oil and you could tell everyone there LOVED cars. Even their multimillionaire Museum owner... would come by in jeans and dirty hands and greet people and talk about the cars. A bIG thumbs up for this special place.
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Thank you for sharing this fantastic photo collection Dackel, you are the man Nice to see some of the German cars also at this Museum.

On Fathers day I took my new addition (see photo below) to a

BMW~Mercedes~Porsche car show north east of Toronto, Ontario Canada. It was a 398 Mile round trip. My 1969 Pagoda 280 SL performed like a charm got many a along the way. The car almost seams timeless to my surprise I got First Place from the Judges in the Pagoda category there were 7 Pagoda's at the show as you know this is the 50th anniversary of the Pagoda and soon to be also the 911.

Here is the little Pagoda I got myself last month to keep me busy

the MB Club of America will mail me a sticker to go on this little memento.

Celebrations are going on all over the world for this years (1963 to 1971) 50th Anniversary.
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

Life will take us to some interesting places, fortunately The ///M3 will too with a many of us know this very well
---> Click here for some good stuff I found
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The fact that all the cars are the real deal makes this museum a very special place. I will definitely visit next time I visit my home town in Philly area. Thanks for posting these great shots!
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Thanks Dackel. Something i may consider visiting.
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      06-23-2013, 03:57 AM   #12
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Great photo series Dak.
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"Simeone Museum Day" in Philadelphia...

Name:  Simeone Museum Dr. Simeone 17_n.jpg
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City Council Proclamation Designates "Simeone Museum Day" in Philadelphia

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson presented Dr. Simeone(right) with a Proclamation on Saturday declaring "Simeone Museum Day" in Philadelphia. The recognition was for Dr. Simeone's contribution to the city and honoring the 5th anniversary of the museum opening.
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Thanks Dackel.

Always love your museum photos!
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Another great thread from Dackel. I am from the philly area and never knew this existed. Love the photos...love the 250 GTO and 300 SL. Were there any Studebakers? Sad not to see any pictures of them
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As always, thanks for sharing your trips to these great museums.
Delivered in Munich, broken in on the Nurburgring.
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Simeone museum

For a close look at my favorite car in the Simeone Collection, take a look at Jay Leno's visit to the museum: http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/cars/squire

It is well worth a visit!
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Next time I get stuck at the Philly airport I will go for a visit.
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Originally Posted by m_thompson View Post
Next time I get stuck at the Philly airport I will go for a visit.
Simeone Museum is literally across the street from the (hige)Rental car lots!

And don't forget to grab a cheese steak while your in Philly!
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