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Changing the E92 Angel Eyes bulbs

This is my DIY report: CHANGING THE ANGEL EYES BULBS! on an E92.

Normally I donít DIY, I DIY-S (Done It Your Son)

For the new bulbs I used GP Thunder 7500K Xenon Super White.
Why I hear you ask?
  1. Others on the board are using them.
  2. They seem to like them.
  3. They were only $14.99 + $3.99 shipping on ebay.
  4. Iím an IT guy that makes less than $50K a year and I drive a 2008 BMW E92 328i. i.e. Iím cheap!

As you can see not many tools are needed for this job. A little flat blade screw driver to open the bulb housing. And a big blade Bowie Knife to open the bulb packaging.
Really though the Bowie Knife sits on my desk as a letter opener and to prevent people from asking me to do things. Thank you Mr. Jim Bowie!

Also because safety is important (says the guy that uses a Bowie Knife to open letters) I always ware my safety slippers.

I did the drivers side first because ďItís dead JimĒ.

To open the bulb compartment cover use the small screw driver to push the 2 clip tabs in and up.
Then lift the cover up enough to clear the front and pull toward you.

You can see the Angel Eyes bulb with itís gray connector in the back.

With a finger (hopefully yours are as long and thin as mine or this may be a problem) turn the bulb about a quarter turn clock-wise.
The bulb can now be pulled out and up.

Gently (they can break) pull back the tabs on each side of the bulb and remove the connector.

Connect the new bulb to the connector and place it back into the hole it came out of.
Turn the bulb and connector about a quarter of a turn anti-clock-wise to lock it into place.

Replace the cover and you are ďmission completeĒ as we would say back in my flight test telemetry days.

Now!... For the other side. Cue dramatic music. DUN, Dun, duuuunnnn.
Itís not that bad. Well. Ok it kind of is.

Remove the cover as you did on the driver side. Look inside and say ďOh boy. I sure hope those engineers were thinking of the bulb changer.Ē
Hint - They weren't!
Begin rant mode: One would think that if you are designing the head lights on a car you would know that they are going to be mirrors of each other.
That the way thing go together would be mirrors of each other.
That the bulbs should turn in different directions from each other!
They DONíT! ARGH! End rant mode.

Push the gray connector in the back a quarter turn clock-wise and remove the bulb.

Change out the bulb as you did on the other side.

Now, place the bulb back into the hole and try, and try, give up go drink a Pepsi Next, and try, and finally succeed in turning the bulb anti-clock-wise to lock it into place. Replace the cover and that's it.
Your done. And hopefully your not too bloody.



You can now stand back and admire your work. There that wasnít so bad.
Now go inside sit down and try to figure out how your going to replace the stupid garage door spring that broke this morning as you were getting ready to replace the stupid bulbs in the stupid car! Wait, I thought I ended rant mode.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please donít do things the way I do them. Iíve been lucky not to hurt myself. You may not be so fortunate.
Craig (He's just this IT & Voice Over guy.)
The technical difficulty originally scheduled for this time has been postponed - due to technical difficulties.
Appreciate 0


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