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      07-15-2013, 06:04 PM   #1
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valentine one v1 LE connection for iPhone

My 335 is hw. I went to get some parts to hw the VW and discovered that this app and hw is actually out now!

The top of this thread is about the concept.
Then it turns into a diy with pics.

1. I use my iPhone for navi. in the VW. I have it on the middle left vent, with that super cool phone mount/holder KENU, that I found on vwvortex thank you spinozaman. It's the best $20 I have ever spent. It was shipped ground, and I had it in 1-2 days, california to philly, wtf?!
It is so nice. It works perfectly. The phone doesn't rattle, move, you can turn it sideways, use it in other cars. Great invention. Great quality.

another guy's pic:

Link to part:

spinozaman pic http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...1#post81853138
and his pic:

I actually don't mind using my phone for navi. the iphone or android, whatever you have... is the best solution for navi, b/c it is super fast, you can browse and get stuff ready, before you're even in the car.... it's always updating! you already own it! you can stream bluetooth for the voice commands, etc etc.

2. I needed to hw my V1 in the vw. So I ordered this from valentine one.
SAVVY from Valentine One
In my words: you plug one end into your OBD port, it has a short wire and ends up as a divider for two phone lines. run it into the A pillar, across the headliner/top of windshield (all out of site). the line ends up going to the r.v.mirror so you can hook it up to your v1 with a blendmount or whatever.
So it's basically a SUPER easy hw kit.

BUT, it does other stuff.
In V1's words:

So you can keep your attention where it belongs, SAVVY turns down the volume of V1’s alerts automatically at low speeds. SAVVY has just one control, a thumb wheel to set a speed threshold. Below your set point, the audio comes through on V1’s Muted Volume (set this with V1’s Control Lever). Above the threshold you hear the normal loudness you’ve set with the V1’s Control Knob.

SAVVY stays nearly out of sight down near your steering column where it serves as V1’s power source. It replaces the Lighter Adapter or, in “hiddenwire” installations, the Direct-wire Power Adapter. Just plug SAVVY into the OBD diagnostic port, standard on every new car and light truck built since January 1, 1996. Then plug V1’s power cord into one of two RJ-11 jacks (the other works with the Concealed Display or other V1 accessories). The thumbwheel has eight setting between 15 and 65 mph. Choose one, or select AUTO, which mutes all alerts, or choose NONE to eliminate automatic muting.

SAVVY is ideal for those who want to hide V1’s power cord. Two wire clips and a beaded tie strap are included to secure the power cord to V1. SAAVY fits in the palm of your hand and weights just 2.2 ounces. Black only.

3. I love the concealed display unit, it's trick, it's cool, it's stupid. I've owned one twice. Why did I say it's stupid?
B/C 99% of the people who get them:
-f their car up installing them.
-mount them down in an ash tray, where you CAN'T see it, so you're only using it for a mute button.
-mount them on top of the steering column, better, you CAN see it. but if you go to hit the mute button, you can't steer you car. and if a deer, child, or car swerves in front of you- fail.
So my solution for heads-up display (so I can see the arrows) and mute switch that both driver and passenger can use..... there's an app for that.

In my words: you plug this thing (comes with 3" cord/perfect) into the OTHER port in that thing from #2. now it talks via bluetooth to your android device. These two little devices are tucked under your dash, you don't see anything, and they weight ozs.

V1 Connection LE is for iphone, the other one is for droid guys.

This item will work with any v1, it will send a remote display to your phone.
but it needs ESP, a v1 feature on late model v1's, to function 2-way, which is what I want, and you may want. See #4 for more info on this.

in v1's words:
V1connection is a Bluetooth®-enabled module about the size of your thumb that wirelessly links V1 to your compatible Android™ device. Choose between three information screens at any time: one reproduces V1 front-panel warnings in real time; another shows the continuously-updated Threat Picture featuring our new Arrow-in-the-Box concept, a revolutionary way of analyzing radar threats; yet another screen shows a list of all threats within range, with direction and frequency for each, arranged by length of tracking time.

V1connection also acts as the Master Controller for your V1 system, allowing you to revise programming, adjust SAVVY settings, change muting, activate dark mode, save custom programming profiles for different trips, and more, all from your Android device.
Installation: Using the short, 3-inch cable (included), connect the RJ11 jack of the module to the ACC jack of V1's power adapter. Then download the free app, called V1connection, the app, at Google's Play Store on your device. Important compatibility requirements: Your device must have Android Operating System 2.3 or higher and (this is important) support Serial Port Profile (SPP) over Bluetooth. A screen resolution of 800x480 or larger is desirable for optimal viewing, but not essential. V1connection works with all V1s but its full capability is available only from V1s with ESP. (Check for the ESP logo on the front panel below the Control Knob.) On pre-ESP V1s, or when using a pre-ESP Concealed Display or Remote Audio Adapter, your hand-held will serve as a wireless remote display of all of V1's front-panel warnings, but other functions and screens are unavailable.

#4. This item will work with any v1, it will send a remote display to your phone.
but it needs ESP, a v1 feature on late model v1's, to function 2-way, which is what I want, and you may want.

I purchased my v1 around 3-6 years ago, I have no clue.
Put your serial number in here:
and v1 will tell you if you need the $99 upgrade to get ESP.
I forgot to warn you, I am good at spending your money.

So I ordered the #2 piece as well.
The conflict that I am seeing, is the fact that I'm using the phone for navi AND v1.
When there is an alert, does the phone change from map to V1? then I can mute? and then?

Here's hoping!
I haven't tried that yet.


Instead of hardwiring the radar, I got the savvy. It provides the power and features, all in one device. Super clean.

valentine one SAVVY kit by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

IMGL2612 by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

Can you see the TWO PORTS on the little box that is connected to the savvy unit?
The dual ports are for:
MAIN power port
ACCESSORY port. in my car, it will be the mute switch.
You can get a divider and add more accessories.

DIY radar hw install. Run the wire from the spot on your windshield to down by the obd2 plug area.
I will add:

For radar to savvy device, you want an 8-10' black telephone cord with all four colors in the plugs. It's really tough to find this length, so you may settle for 12'. Or pay Valentine One for their cord, around $10.

-You start from the radar spot. run the wire along the top of the windshield -tucking under trim with credit card- and across to the driver side.

-Now that you get the cord zipped down up top, behind the airbag!!!

-At this point you can start working with the savvy. Get some velcro and cut a square the size of the savvy device. Mount it under the dash, see my pics below. You won't use this velcro often, just when you're using vag-com, or when you're going to the deal, you can unplug it and tuck it away in it's secondary 'home'.

-Velcro the dual port that comes with the savvy under the dash, see pics below.
-Bundle up any excess wire and zip tie to the trim just up and in front of where I put my dual port.

-I wanted to add a mute switch in the vw, so I did. It's around $6 or so.
I picked it up on ebay, they also sell direct. I've used this guy for years, good stuff, inexpensive
See pic below on the mute switch.
It's mounted to the steering column adjuster bar thingy.

-See pics for mute switch and the 3M trim cover that I used, killer! If you don't use the trim piece, you will only have a tiny piece of 3M that comes on the end of the mute switch - it's not great. You'll see the wire, and you could ROLL the 3M off eventually. With the trim piece, it hides the wire, it really keeps the button in place, for as long as you need it there.

IMGL2646 by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

mute switch and a trim piece (with an inlay area for hiding a wire) that I had laying around (3M) by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

trim piece does NOT come with the mute switch by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

cut down the trim piece to this size by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

mute switch and an extra 3m trim that I had laying around by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

tuck the mute switch wire into the trim piece by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

got the savvy, fastest and cleanest way ever to get your radar some power.
plus it does stuff. it talks with your car's computer to auto mute alerts when you're not going fast,
you easily set the dial (on the device) to the mph that you desire.

here you can see the velcro, that I stuck the savvy plug to, when not in use by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

savvy plug is temporarily mounted to "under dash" area, u can see above, the spot where I velcro'd the dual jack port

IMGL2642 by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

i used velcro to mount the savvy splitter jack. clean! by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

IMGL2640 by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

peel off the 3M backing paper, and install it, then temporarily zip tie DOWN, the 3M trim piece by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

zip tie the trim piece down, to get the glue to seat really well by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

trim piece and mute switch installed by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

Shipped them my V1 on friday. Got it back today, wednesday!
Now it has ESP!

V1 returned on 4th business day. Now with ESP! by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

V1 returned on 4th business day. Now with ESP! by Ryan Philly, on Flickr


Received the Valentine One LE connection kit today.

V1 LE connection for iPhone display via Bluetooth, it's here! by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

optional display screen by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

zoomed in on regular display screen by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

regular display screen by Ryan Philly, on Flickr

-there is a tiny mute switch on the iphone screen, it's on the top left corner, you sort of don't need a separate mute switch now.
-but I'm keeping both. after a quick jaunt tonight, the button is too small for a driver to use well.
-I have emailed valentine one... if this is really supposed to be a mute button, it's stupid, way too small for a DRIVER!!! Please consider making the entire iphone screen a MUTE button!
-for now, I have both mute switch and the LE connection kit, so I needed a splitter for the two accessories!

savvy to obd2, savvy female jack has a MAIN vs. ACCESSORY. plug a 8' tele cable (get the nice black one from valentine one, perfect length for our car) into the MAIN. Plug a standard splitter into the ACC port (it CAN NOT be a divider that is for line 1vs2 phone) just a standard splitter will work, or buy the overpriced one from valentine one. plug the other end of the splitter into the LE connector for iphone (which comes with a tiny tele cord for just this exercise).

do not buy a splitter that is side/side. you need one that is top/bottom.
^ this would not fit.

something like this would work

I happened to have one in a box filled with old phone crap
it's the same as the first one I linked, but it's top/bottom instead of left/right.
looks like this: http://www.4cabling.com.au/media/cat...533__85428.jpg
may be tough to find.

slide into your car, and lay on your back, under dash, looking up, with some light.
have some zip ties and wire cutter. relax and do a nice clean job.
also some velcro would help
you can velcro the divider and savvy and LE connection to stuff under there, for an easy-to-work on kit, and keep a clean look.

More trial and error from my first commute:
-when you press the phone button on the steering wheel, the car operates as normal
-once you tell the car to make a phone call, the iphone screen changes to the call screen
-if you press the home button, you can easily go back to the V1 screen during the call (really only necessary if you're on a highway and recognize that you're going to be on the phone a while.
-if you are in WAZE with the audio on, you can hit the home button, go back to V1. the audio for WAZE will still come through your car stereo via bluetooth. no change in screen, no alerts on screen at all, unless you manually toggle back.
-if you are in GOOGLE MAPS with the with the audio on, you can hit the home button, go back to V1. the audio for GOOGLE MAPS will still come through your car stereo via bluetooth. the V1 screen will remain up however... you get a small alert ticker on the top of screen highlighting the direction announcement (includes turn and name of street/rte.
-no testing yet for MAPS (apple's app).

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why didn't you show the install on the 335d? What is your involvement with the company?
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Hw the diesel a long time ago. Bought the vw this summer and discovered all these items.

Customer involvement. Lol.
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big update.
the last part of the OP,
"commute results".
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Cliff notes please.
2014 Dodge Durango R/T //Diablosports Tuning
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Countermeasure enthusiast.
Originally Posted by jgoens View Post
I was thinking of foaming that hole as well.
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One note from my experience: SAVVY will not function on my 335ix while the JB4 is active and in any map other than map 0.
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