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United Kingdom

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Wink Josh - Projekt Stealth 3IIIV - !!!{ Back at STUDIOINCAR New Build Teasers}!!!

Evolution of my 3IIIV

So on this Saturday morning I had to go through my galleries and arrange all my pictures
which seem to be scattered all over the place and give my computer a well needed clean up.

After all these years I still haven't created a build thread for you UK guys. I guess i didn't
take many pics at the beginning as there wasn't much to be impressed by apart from
just driving and enjoying the performance of the N54.
So here it is and YES a lot of the pictures you may have seen before, but I thought it would be nice to find them all in one place and I like the idea of looking back over one thread rather than multiple 'update threads'.

So this is how it all went down

When i was looking for my 335i I searched high and low for black on black on black. I wanted
the black interior leather with the black piano wood. So once it came up, I jumped on it straight away.

The first things i installed the minute i got it were the BMW Performance Grills.
So this is how she basically sat...like a 4x4 with a fresh grill.

By this stage I had already installed some 20mm spacers on the rear as the wheels were
originally sunken in. This caused quite a bit of rubbing in the back... Mainly also due to the non stretched Michellin PS3s
So it was time to get the arches rolled.

So i ended up doing most mods in stages rather than buying a single mod at a time. I wanted to tackle the rear end first
First came
CSL Boot
LCI Rear Lights
Performance Diffuser
Blacked out Emblems

I then decided to have my headlights lamin x'ed... I rolled around like this for a while but i wasn't
satisfied with the dimmed headlight output.
I had disconnected my yellow angels as i hated them!!!

After a while i got itchy fingers again.
It was time to improve the front end & handling
I carried out my first retrofit on my own headlights.
After i purchased a few abused sets of head lights, I practised over and over again until I had the balls to tackle my own.
I do not have many pics of my first set but it went well!

I also had my 1M bumper installed by Mstyle
& I had them install my suspension too.
I went for Koni Yellow Dampers with H&R Sport Springs.
CYBA Exhaust Tips

Lack of pics once again, but this is how she was sitting after

I was so impressed with how the front end was transformed by the blacked out headlights and LED Angels!
To this day, this is still the best mod i have done on the car for the money!

I am a firm believer of doing suspension first then rims. Or if funds allow... At the same time.
I was offered a lucky set of SSR MS1 Professor MS1 3 Piece rims.
I snapped them up and slapped them on.

I also had my M3 Style Skirts fitted by Mstyle

She stayed this way for a long while. A lot had changed in a fairly short period and I wanted to get enjoy the new look before i started tinkering again.

She sat like this for a while.

I got bored once again and I wasn't completely satisfied.
I wanted to refine the look and tie all the mods together and finish the car as it was to a higher standard.

I had the car resprayed Azurite Black Individual which has flecks of blue in the paint which you can see below.
I had already managed to create swirl marks. Bloody clear coat is so weak! Oh well...nothing a detail can't fix
But it gives you the idea of how it looks when the sun hits it

Blue Wheel Nuts & Stud Kit
12mm Spacers for the front

I had the wheel centres resprayed Sparkling Champagne Quartz Metallic Individual. WHen the sun hits them, they sparkle all sorts of colours!

As well as a few other touches here and there which you may be able to pick out.

I decided to re do my headlights altogether and do something no one has done before. It is hit and miss but each to their own i guess.

Double Outer Angel Eye Rings
Full Gloss Body Coloured Housing & Shrouds
Inner Angel Eye Aston Blue accent (to carry the blue touches through the car)
Blue Demon Eye
Frosted Indicator Cover DELETE
LED Indicator Bulbs

I really need to refurb my headlight Lenses!!! Road Rash is a bitch!

How she sat at Gaydon

Modified Nationals with Gaza


Full Carbon Duke Dynamics Carbon diffuser thanks to Yoro

So i gave the car a little wax and here is a morning beading shot

Here are a few of the pics he took!


Awesome Shot

THANK YOU TO E90Post and all the mates I have made over the years!
The car is not finished yet and I have some more plans in the works. But I am unsure when I am going to get around to them.

I will keep this thread updated from now on.

By the way, i have now removed my blacked out emblems... I like the OEM look far better

UPDATE 15th March 2014

Well Mstyle in Romford have been so good to me! Especially James and Ian who there.
They have been patient and done everything I have wanted even when i changed my mind over and over again.

Anyway i originally had specific plans for a front carbon splitter for my front end.
But Prior Designs 1M bumper wasn't compatible with original 1M splitters,
which means you are limited to what you can buy.

Prior designs do a splitter specifically for their 1m bumper, but it only came in ABS Plastic...
DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO WORK FOR ME! And because it was abs plastic,
it looked as if it got lost under the 1m bumper.
So I asked James if they could make me a Carbon Fibre version...
and he said yes without hesitating.
I was excited and couldn't wait!!!

But i wasn't sure if it was enough.

Mstyle had a carbon splitter they were already using on the bottom of their 1M bumpers,
but IMO it looked like a very bolt on job and didnt really work.

SO James and I had the idea of sandwiching them together to create a custom splitter.
It looked like this. The result looked like this

The splitter has been ready for a while, but i have been so paranoid to put it on
because it would make my car nearly undriveable. We both didn't realise how low the front end would be.
I am not super low but it would make daily driving difficult.

Anyway i went down to Mstyle to collect it from James on Friday so I could fit it in time for an
Ace Cafe show held by Bimmerboys on Saturday. But the splitter wasn't available as it was locked away and the boss had the key.

So James said why dont you just try the regular upper carbon version.
I thought why not because i can see how low everything gets.

So here it is with the bumper sitting on the splitter, lining it all up before bolting the splitter to the bumper.

At this point I immediately liked what i saw.

Once it was on and after a little clean

I am just about sitting right in terms of height IMO and can still just about get over things.

Anyway I have a few things which are going on before the summer shows, so a pro shoot will happen then


This is the perfect finish to my front end. Doesn't look over the top,
but the carbon is clearly visible and set itself apart form the paint work and as it is
moulded to the shape of the bumper, it looks like it is meant to belong.


NEM MEET in March 2014

Lite Angels Vs H8 Drop in bulbs... No comparison what so ever!


I have been spending like crazy recently.

More updates will be following as bits and pieces arrive.

So here is the first teaser.

I went down to Sittingbourne last week and picked up my new coilovers.

Most of you would not have heard of them unless you were involved in the Jap scene. They are a high quality coilover for BC prices.
They have similar design to BC... this is because BC is virtually a Meister coilover just rebranded as BC. BC are simply distributors of this coilover.

The difference is Meister are the designers and engineers behind the coilovers. They are a UK based company with British engineering behind them which is great news! The only difference between Meister and BC are the spring rates usually differ by 1kg but this is because of the improved internal damping design in the Meister Coilover.

I spent a good few hours chatting with Jerrick, who is a really cool geek in short. He taught me so much and was glad to enlighten me and correct what i originally thought all about damping, springs and functionality.

Meister are heavily involved in the racing scene too and are leading in certain groups. So they must be doing something right!

Anyway, i have just got a whole load more respect for BC as well as Meister. They are both quality products!

Here is how mine came... But usually meister products come anodised red... But i wanted the silver versions.

Jerrick was kind enough to help me work out how we would fit my Static+ air system to the coilover kit. BC simply said it wasn't possible... but what do they know when i am chatting to the guy who designed the damn things

After figuring out which springs were required without going too crazy with the stiffer spring rates, we had made it work!!! And this is how the coilover now sits


Now once i have my tank, compressor and bits all setup, i will be able to raise for speed bumps and steep driveways yet have all the plus of rolling on coils!!!! BOOM!

Mstyle will be doing the fitting on Thursday 24th April!!! So i am terribly excited to get them on.

Took a little cheeky snap of my car at Ikea today... not a great pic, car is filthy... but i like to share


Sorry to bore you with mini updates, but some of it may be of some help to someone, plus i just like whoring pictures when i can!

So today... I went and had my desperately needed alignment.
With Az's recommendation, i drove all the way to Surrey for an Alignment!!! Yes 30miles for an alignment... but it was well worth it.

It is actually a Kwikfit garage, but run by car enthusiasts! So they had an awesome hunter machine to play with and they really knew what they were doing. They charged a great price, walked me through everything, talked me through bits and corrected certain parts of my knowledge on alignments etc!!!! It was worth the trip!

So when i got down there, they quickly put me on the ramp and strapped everything on. My car was so terribly out of alignment, they hadn't ever seen anything like it before!!!

My front tyres were literraly being chewed off by the road due to my crazy amounts of toe in!

Anyway, i decided to go with regular Msport settings but dialed in my own camber... which basically means we tried to max out the camber and see what was achievable.

So here are some pics


As you can see, with my Meister R coilovers with adjustable top mounts, we managed -1.45 ... I was hoping for more but it wasn't possible. BUT afterwards, Az mentioned there may be a way of increasing camber by moving the allen bolts on the top mounts. So may give this a go at some point.

As the rear end is stock, they managed to squeeze -2.5 camber out of the rear which aint bad and i am happy with it. I didn't want to lift the outer edge of they tyre to give more grip on the road for straight line acceleration.

The car is cornering well and driving straight and true with no tramlining. But it is early days and i still have to play with the ride height, both front and back before I get everything dialled in as i want it to be.

As it was a nice day, i grabbed a few more snaps as the suspension seems to still be settling. It needs to go a little lower on the front and a little higher on the rear me thinks... Any thoughts?

So as everything starts arriving for getting my air system operating, i thought i'd share my sexy new switches.
They will be hidden in the sunglasses/ashtray holder above the gear stick, below the heated seats control panel

So it has been a busy bank holiday weekend.



Met some old faces and new faces. Was a good weekend!

My car is still a little all over the place. Still waiting for the coilovers to completely settle before i go about setting the 'stance' as i want... But i have decided i will not making the ride as flush as it once was due to me absolutely HATING ANY RUBBING

I have a 335i and with the new m3 arms, it handles better that ever. So i am not going to ruin my experience with the sound of rubbing every 2 mins on dips, bumps and potholes.

A few pics from the weekend


JUNE 30th 2014

Manage to get the Static+ Plumbed in!

Check out the vid in the link below

Here are some recent pictures too

22nd July 2014
Took some pics whilst i was out and about and so was the sun


27th July 2014

I am so happy with the results.
I always thought there was something missing from the side of the E92. Especially with M3 skirts, you find the skirt tucks inwards just before the rear wheel. So adding the carbon skirts have almost added a little width where its needed.

This look may not be for everyone, but i do love it.

It is hard to capture them but here are some initial shots before i get a shoot done.

August 2014




Over the years i have yet to do ANYTHING to my interior.
I have been very happy with the black on black Msport interior and it has done me for a while.

But since the likes of GAZA, AWBimmer & P5UML to name a few have been going crazy with their Fox Red M3 Interiors and i have been very jealous.

The difference of M3 interiors is just amazing. The leather, the comfort, the support and the look is just 100% better than Msport.

So i have been waiting and waiting and more waiting for something to come along at the right price.

Today i drove up to Birmingham with Shaun AKA Gaza as he offered to help me fit them if i bought the interior I found on eBay.
Shaun is a right gent... a legend! for helping me out on this horrible rainy day!
I say helped me, but he basically fitted it all him self and showed me whats what as we went along.


So it is black with WHITE Stitching and white accents on the door cards as well as the centres of the seats. It has a white arm rest and comes with a leather wrapped M3 centre console. The bonus was that it came with the CIC Controller and the M3 gear knob!!!!

I have some modifications to make to get the centre to fit perfectly, but nothing major!


It is the perfect interior for my car imo. I am modding with the intention of not having any one modification as a 'feature' but i want the whole car to be subtly special in every way giving an all around package of simple aggressiveness. If that makes any sense at all...

My next step is refining the interior now with a few bits so watch this space!!!!

Here are some pics. The leather is still in need of a thorough clean and the rest of the interior is still a mess but i was just too excited and had to share my find.


I grabbed a couple more pics today from a little further back so you can see how the side splitters flow with the car.

They are getting just as much attention as my lights when i first installed them.


So i have been busy trying to get my interior up to scratch for Gaydon 2014 on the 17th!

What is happening as i type.

Steering Wheel being retrimmed
Gear Gaiter being retrimmed
Handbrake gaiter being retrimmed
Custom Gauge Holder for my air.
A little dashboard trim touch which is intended to bring the white theme onto the dash to make everything flow a little more... Here is a little sneak peek

So this should all be done within the week before the show.

In the mean time, what has been happening!!!???

I have been doing what i can to integrate my air switches into the original m3 buttons for when i install my m3 centre console
This is the button i am trying to use

And after a couple of hours and some help from some people on the forum from the states. I have managed to get it to work!!!!

Pictures of the finished product will be coming soon

Also i am planning to re do my headlights within the next 2 months.
This has just arrived and i am so happy with it...

They are Clear ZKW-R lenses which offer 20% more light to the road and a sharper, cleaner cut off line. I am going to be pairing them with osram cbi xenarc D1S bulbs which will offer unparalleled performance!

But more importantly, i have had the lenses etched with my companies logo!
Courtesy of ISH who created the logo for me.

I am so happy how they turned out

It is going to look awesome when done!!!!!

I am still getting used to my new interior.
Since installing them i have noticed my ambient lighting is now visible!!!
I am so happy as i love all things leds and ambient lighting!

My old msport black on black interior meant i couldn't even see my interior lighting. But now it is more visible than ever!!!

18 August 2014

Fun Day at Gaydon!!!!

Loved meeting more people off the forum and putting faces to cars!

I was on the bimmerboys stand but was quickly requested to go and place the car on the Mstyle Stand.

The sun was shining after a shaky start with it pouring in the morning...

JACK at RoyalSteering trimmed my new Steering Wheel, Handbrake, Handbrake gaiter and M3 gear knob gaiter!

I am very happy with how it ALL tuned out.

The other touches are my dash trim which brings the colour to the dash and helps flow the rest of the interior, as well as my air gauge placement.

Some fine tuning still needed here and there, but i happy with the way things are coming in such a short space of time!

The Azurite Paintwork was really popping when the sun came out!
Absolutely love it! THANKS SHAUN for letting me use your ONR to clean the car after the downpour. I've ordered some now hahah

Still clean once i had got back

A few close ups of the carbon side skirt splitters

Now the interior

6th September Update


Well i didn't break my suspension... more so broke my bank account and after
a few months of my new suspension setup i decided to go all out and go for a
full air setup!!!

I went all out and went for the best money could buy.

Brand new, Latest design AirLift Kit with full Accuair E-Level & I-Level kit!!!

The guys at Studio In Car hooked me up and they are the best in the business
for customer service as well as turn around time!

Drove the car in on a monday and i could have driven out on the thursday if i
had the time to get down there. So i left it with them for 6 days and they did a
small shoot for me.

HERE IS A VIDEO OF THE I-LEVEL DOING ITS JOB... Yes that is controlled with a mobile

Ohhhh and just a quick one.
I nearly bought new wheels recently. But considering these SSRs cost £3000+
Landed in the UK, Also the only set of SSRs MS1s on an E92 world wide, i still
think they have some life in them. So instead of swapping them, they will be
going in for a full refurb on Monday.
Full Brushed Metal face and repolish of my lips.

Also i have ordered a PB Big Brake Kit for both front and rear.

Hey, if you are going to do it, do it right!

So here are the pics

Here are a few extra phone pics
Pic of the all new rear control arm, bag and elevel system

This is my simple boot build that they did for me.
The best thing of all is that it is moveable!!!
I use my boot daily, so i can slide it completely to one side if i need to put my seats down!!!
These guys are awesome!

BY the way
This is the kit i went for if anyone is interested. (FYI the wireless I-level is an extra £300-350.
Studio in car are the most competitive for labour installation prices too!!!

They fixed a whole load of other little bits free of charge which anyone else would have left.

MONDAY 8th Sept 2014

A Huge thanks to Achu and his cousin Ram for coming and being our resident photographer at the E90post Rolling Photograph meet! He caught some awesome shots and there are more to come!
But even Marius had his camera out and did some great work too!!! Here are some pics

Here they are

11th Sep 2014

Some of you may have known that i've been having my SSR 3 Piece wheels refurbished.

They are now done and here is a sneak peak of how they are looking.
I will be picking them up tomorrow.

I have been hitting the show scene hard this year and i've met a variety of people amongst the community. One thing they all mentioned is that the majority in the South of England use Elie @ VoodooMotorsports to refurbish their top end, very expensive wheels.

Here is his site

He is a great guy to chat with and after seeing his quality of work at his shop, i immediately knew i was in good hands!!!

My experience:
When i want something done, i want it done immediately before i change my mind haha

Sat 6 Sep - Called Elie and explained what i wanted, he gave me a great quote.

Mon 8 Sep - Dropped my wheels off and had a chat with Elie.

Within 3 hours, he sent me this picture


Thurs 11 Sep - I receive a call saying they are all done!!!!

He did say that he needed 1 week.

So here is a pic of the finished wheels

I opted for re polished lips to a mirror shine.
And the faces of my wheels finished in shadow chrome.
The pricing involved removal and reinstall of tyres
Dismantling of the wheels & re assembling them.

I am so so happy!!!!

I will post more pictures when they arrive of the quality.

13 Sep 2014

SO More Updates & Pictures

Firstly i know everyone has seen Achu's recent pics from the mini rolling road meet we had recently. But as this is a build thread, i thought i would keep it updated with the pictures.

So here are the pics from the day. THANKS AGAIN ACHU & RAM! The photos came out awesome!

So i have now had my rims refurbished and i know i need some better pics but i thought i'd post what ever i had.

I am very happy with the finish!
Voodoo Motorsports did the work and the guy is called Ellie!
He turned them around in 4 days!!!

The centre caps are not on yet as they are going for some special treatment. Should be done within the week!

Centre caps being refurbed too

Just a few rushed snaps once they were reinstalled. The car is beyond filthy by the way!

The car is literally stopping people where ever i park now

SEP 18th 2014

I am always looking for new ways to splurge on the car.
I thought i'd make more of an effort on the smaller things and see how they impact the car.

Anyway, i had heard of this guy Raj FullHouseCustoms who specialises in all things vinyl like emblems, centre caps, key rings inc Gell Number plates etc...

I sent him a message with my ideas and he mocked up my ideas and off we went.

I wanted to fine tune the design a little and get the colours right etc as it isn't that easy via email unless you are going for something straight forward. So he invited me over to his house on a weekend and we worked through it in about 30mins. Absolute legend and knows his stuff!!!! He has been in this game a long while!!!

So i had some SSR Centre Caps made up with a little twist which is probably unnoticeable but makes a subtle difference to the original SSR logo.
Also had some caps made up for my new SSR Lug Nuts.

I saw a ferrari with red lug nuts the other day. It was rolling down the road the red lug nut ends created an awesome looking red ring. I hope i get the same look!!!!

So enough talking, here they are.

Oh by the way i got a short gell number plate made up. It looks fantastic!!!

The Blue should match my BBK nicely fingers crossed


So my little light teaser.

I thought it was time to mix things up.

We've got some new angels made up recently, a superior design and as people were asking for a ring which gave off more of a white light with a blue tinge like you get on the new Merc's, Audi's Bentley's etc...

So this is it


It looks slightly more blue in the pic than it really is... it is hard to capture such bright rings.
Also these rings have such small LEDs that they are not individually noticeable!!!! So all you get is a clear ring of light with no breaks.
You can just about make that out in the picture.

I would say the original pure white LED light is slightly brighter but it is minimal.

What I am looking at doing... nothing is set in stone.

Wednesday 24th 2014

My Baby is currently with Janis @ Max Protect having a full detail and seal for the upcoming months.

Their work is second to none!
Check out this porsche they've done!

Janis has already protected my wheels and the performance of their products are very impressive. I will be doing some testing is due course and will link to a separate thread on a review of their service and products.

Here is a little teaser.
Dan @ PB hooked me up with a BBK!!!

8 Pot 380mm front
6 Pot 380mm rear!!!

Here is a teaser for now


As a lot of you have known, or recently read of my issues with my paint and the clear coat. I have been looking for a way of getting a great high quality finish whilst sealing and protecting the paint. Not just for the next 3 months, but for the coming year.

I have heard Gaza (Shaun) mention Max Protect as a wheel sealant and i quickly looked into them and their products.

I was quickly on the phone to Janis over at Max Protect and he instilled a lot of confidence in the product and their services. He was very straight to the point and honest about how the product works, as well as inspiring me with more confidence by showing me the calibre of car they predominantly work on, as well as videos of the product in action and the benefits it can do for the car enthusiast that wants the best from this kind of product.

I've always been aware of how sealants work and somewhat familiar with Nano technology, but when i saw the performance of these products first hand...
WOW I WAS BLOWN AWAY and thought this is something we should all be using as car enthusiasts who care for our paint work.

I brought my car down to their shop in Kings Langley and was greeted by Janis and some crazy looking Porsche GT3s. They have a very clean work environment with a crazy number of lights for ultimate detailing. I made two visits in total.

The first visit was to get my wheels sealed immediately after having my refurb done so the bare polished lips could be protected from the elements.
Janis even had to give them a further polish as they already had watermarks on them after just 48hours . It is a tough life living with polished lips!!!
For the wheels they applied a product called 'Ultimate Nano Coat v3' and you can read all about the product in this link below. It works ideally on bare metals and stops metals from oxidising as well as heat resistant up to 1200degrees C protecting your lips from brake dust!!!


I am not going to mess about, but polished wheels are a pain and i have now been putting miles on my newly refurbished rims, slightly neglecting them and it has been raining with water settling on the dishes. There are absolutely no marks left over what so ever when i give them a quick pressure wash or a quick wipe with some quick detailer!

On the next visit i went down there for them to get the body work sorted. This was what i was truly excited about! I also wanted to hear their thoughts on my clear coat.

As other body shops and detailers had mentioned, the clear coat was soft and no wonder it was susceptible to swirl marks no matter how careful I was.

They had my car for 4 days doing a thorough detail and seal on the bodywork. For the bodywork they used a new product which is some pretty funky stuff! It is called 'Ultimate Nano Coat-R'. A direct quote about the product from their site:

"UNC-R is the world’s first Nano Coating that turns into a Rubber Membrane when cured in
room temperature. This flexible nature enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl
mark build-up* and does not suffer from hard water spotting like some Nano Glass Coatings do."



Some of the best parts about this product can be seen in the videos below. It is bloody impressive!
(The pics and vid were taken off Facebook from a guy called MEX DETAILING who uses Max Protect)

This is an individual doing his own tests on the Max Protect Product.

Scratch Test Video- https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v...type=2&theater

The man to chat with is Janis
Unit 5, Kings Park Ind Est, Kings Langley, WD4 8HR
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Maxprotectuk?fref=ts

I think this is enough on Max Protect.
Let the pictures do the talking!

Pic taken the morning after the sealant was left to cure.

They even sealed my new calipers for me

These are two pics I took off my phone whilst the paint was under the light
You can really see the Azurite Pop!

This was the bonnet! IT LOOKED BLUE!


The Pics are a few days after its detail at Max Protect
This stuff used to protect the paint and wheels has already impressed me. I have said this a few times but this was its first test in my books.

A bird shat on my car the morning of the show. I used a bottle of water and just doused the bird droppings and the bird droppings just slid right off!!! No rubbing, wiping or anything!

Usually my car would be filthy after a few days or even the day after a clean, but this is really doing the trick!

So here are the pics

MARIUS on the forum took the pic below.
He really caught the blue in the paint

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Got to say mate your car is beautiful and done to a very high standard, love the headlights, and for a modified car it doesnt look modified if you get where im coming from
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Stunning, great work Josh.
Really going to have to get you to hit me up with some headlights at some point.
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Total sweetness. Looks amazing.
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That looks ace mate. Good job!
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OMFG - LOVE IT. Well done
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Wow dude. What a nice car
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Good work son. Loving the azurite paintwork!!
BMW E92 335D | The Custom Cars
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      02-08-2014, 09:18 AM   #10
Bavarian Black
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OP, Your 1M front spider and rear diffuser is amazing!!!

I'm inspired great job.
08 335i MSPORT & PR PKG/aFe St2 DCI/AA BOV kit +DP/SprintBooster Stage 2/Avant Garde 19 rims/ HNK V12 Pro Tires/BMS Wheel Spacers/ E92 M F n B kit incl blk kidney grills and sensors/Afe mach Exhaust. M3 skirts, DNA map 3
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Very nice work, looks amazing
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      02-08-2014, 10:00 AM   #12

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Looks good mate
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Very good thread... Take more pics over the next few stages. Must have cost a bomb but well worth it! Once my warranty is up i think I'll work on stages like yours rather than little bits at a time.
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      02-08-2014, 11:53 AM   #14

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Even better in the flesh josh
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      02-08-2014, 01:44 PM   #15
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Damn, that is NICE! Good work, the car looks great after all your personal touches
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      02-08-2014, 02:39 PM   #16

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Awesome colour, awesome lights! Car looks great
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      02-08-2014, 02:47 PM   #17
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That looks badass!!! Where did u get the csl boot from? I'm looking around and not 100% where to go
Last thing with the black out lights how bright are the indicators?
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      02-08-2014, 03:08 PM   #18

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Wow what an amazing looking car.

Although I think the huge obd port sticker spoils the look
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      02-08-2014, 03:25 PM   #19
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Where did you get the vinyl decals for the emblems?? Been looking and its hard to find.

Modz: Bmw Black grills//Bmw Performance Exhaust//M3 style boot lip//window trim wrap...
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      02-08-2014, 04:06 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by Reece;*****412
Got to say mate your car is beautiful and done to a very high standard, love the headlights, and for a modified car it doesnt look modified if you get where im coming from
Cheers bud! That is exactly what I am going for. I want the mods to look high quality and have an OEM finish, whilst having obvious mods which differentiate it from the rest.

Originally Posted by AdamC;*****430
Stunning, great work Josh.
Really going to have to get you to hit me up with some headlights at some point.
You know where to find me bro!

Originally Posted by Apl335d;*****487
Total sweetness. Looks amazing.

Originally Posted by Zoki;*****488
That looks ace mate. Good job!

Originally Posted by 1jazz1;*****517
OMFG - LOVE IT. Well done

Originally Posted by Jay325i;*****526

Originally Posted by TeinBMW;*****544
Wow dude. What a nice car

Originally Posted by AWBimmer;*****550
Good work son. Loving the azurite paintwork!!
Cheers bro but doubt much progress is going to be made this year. So don't think I will be able to keep up with you

Originally Posted by Bavarian Black;*****573
OP, Your 1M front spider and rear diffuser is amazing!!!

I'm inspired great job.
Cheers mate!

Originally Posted by Dsport;*****601
Very nice work, looks amazing

Originally Posted by DMH-01;*****699
Looks good mate

Originally Posted by d_power;*****713
Very good thread... Take more pics over the next few stages. Must have cost a bomb but well worth it! Once my warranty is up i think I'll work on stages like yours rather than little bits at a time.
Will do bud! Definitely should take more progress pics really!
Non of my mods have effected my warranty! I take my car in for warranty work all the time... Apart from Suspension related bits obviously.

Originally Posted by AnthonyR View Post
Even better in the flesh josh
Cheers Ant! Hope to see you and your new beast soon!

Originally Posted by AzRiz View Post
Damn, that is NICE! Good work, the car looks great after all your personal touches
Cheers Bro!!!!

Originally Posted by richk84 View Post
Awesome colour, awesome lights! Car looks great
Thanks for the comments bud! Much Appreciated!

Originally Posted by afalton View Post
That looks badass!!! Where did u get the csl boot from? I'm looking around and not 100% where to go
Last thing with the black out lights how bright are the indicators?
I got the CSL boot from Teddy at SSDDMotorsport. But it was TERRIBLE fitting and required a lot of work to get it to fit. But i guess that is the case with most aftermarket bits. But Teddy is awesome to deal with.
If you are getting aftermarket bits... Go to Dips CustomCars as he is the bodyshop king when it comes to making this stuff work!

Originally Posted by E92Dan View Post
Wow what an amazing looking car.

Although I think the huge obd port sticker spoils the look
But i have had 2 people try to break in already in the past...but since having this on show, i have never had any issues. It is worth the horrible look. I need my windscreen replaced soon, so I will leave it off and think of another method

Originally Posted by d_power View Post
Where did you get the vinyl decals for the emblems?? Been looking and its hard to find.
Sorry mate, i cannot remember at all! It was so loooong ago. But ebay is a good shout.
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      02-08-2014, 04:34 PM   #21
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Ah cool mate what is the boot made from?
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      02-08-2014, 04:44 PM   #22

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Why not have a OBD Port Moved sign that you place in the window whenever you park.

How do you find the M3 skirts? Do you notice them on such a dark car?
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