Episode 3 - The big day!     ACSchnitzer Front addon + Blackout grills + Blackline tailights

  we have taken a HUGE step in the look of our project car with our next move

we wanted an aggressive front bumper to push our aggressive look agenda forward. now the e90 is still relatively new, but there are so many choices for front bumpers! we had it narrowed down to the m-kit front bumper + splitters, or the ac schnitzer front lip add on. after looking at all the other beautifully modded schnitzer e90's on the site, we were satisfied with all of them and decided to go with that. the look of the schnitzer's continuity, fluidity, and aggressive fang-like look gave us such satisfiying grins on our face that lasted for hours; as we knew we picked the absolute perfect front add-on to our car.

BIG BIG BIG thanks to James at creativeautoworks for hooking us up with this part. he made purchasing this piece very fun and easy. it was sent out to us the same day we payed. when we received it, it was painted and prepped very well, and the color matchs very very well. 6 thumbs up to Creative, and we HIGHLY recommend purchasing parts for the e90/e92 from them. You can check out their site: www.creativeautoworks.com, or see what kinda sweet deals they have for e90post.com members at the marketplace in the forums. definently check them out, you won't be sorry.

we also brought back the shadow grills from the first retired project car. we feel that chrome is just not a good look to our alpine white e90, instead we love the blackout grill look, and it adds yet another layer of aggressiveness to our ride. the black contrasts the white of the car very well, as well as matching the black leatherette interior.

in the spirit of our desire for a white car with a contrasting black on it; we installed blacklines on our white jewel. these blackines have the top lights cleared out, and bottom two red, and the entire unit outlined in a dark plastic, but not quite 'smoked' light. this car looks great, and these lights should belong on all e90's. just like the euro clears, these lights are great on any color, and should definently be considered a priority for e90 owners. we threw in a quick debadge while we were back there. we feel that a clean symmetric look to our car is impertive, and gives us a more satisfying look to the back of the car. these lights/debadge really completes the package, and now all around the car has that black/white feel to it.

our aggressive white/black look really brings out the inner beast in our white princess. this car looks completely different then it did when we brought it home day one. in person, this car looks so much better then it does in pictures. everytime we walk near the car we have our eyes glued to it like theres no tomorrow, we always have to look behind our shoulders everytime we walk away from it!

keep an eye out for updates, as we try to come up with ways to make it look sweeter and more aggressive