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iTrader: (0)'s the paddle retro-fit installation details.

I arrived at my dealer’s service centre today. I left the car and sat in the waiting room for 2 hours while I waited for the bulk of the work to be done.

At this point I ventured down to the workshop where I met the techo doing the job. He turned out to be a BMW master technician and was quite a good guy. He said the job was not all that difficult – just a little fiddly. It involved adding the paddles to the new wheel and then installing it in place of the old one. The airbag and wheel facia is transferred across. (Note: You cannot fit paddles to a non-paddle steering wheel). He then had to remove the lower part of the dash, cupholders and glove box to run a wire to the ECU connector somewhere in the firewall. He did not need to open the bonnet.

His final step was re-programming the ECU to reset the airbag and activate the paddles. This took about 20 minutes – roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes in total. The paddles feel great and work perfectly.

The parts list:
  • M*32340393578 Screw US$6.00
  • W*61316973934 Shift level US$201.23
  • W*61316973933 Shift lever US$201.23
  • W*61319123287 Switch US$161.43
  • W*61130006663 Contact US$6.39
  • W*32306777631 Steering Wheel US$561.55

The finished job:

The old wheel:

The cost is much more than buying a car already paddle equipped. But hey, life’s too short not to have some fun.

I hope this helps.

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