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yeah i just installed mine yesterday and it literally took me 15 hours lol...only because i took about 100 breaks and i had to redo everything cause i put in the o2 sensors reversed.

so the car would shake and throw everything single misfire code lol.

but seriously if i had to do it over again it would take less than 3 hours. only took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to reverse the o2 sensors which i had to take everything out except the v clamps on the drivers side so only would have taken another 2 minutes to undo those.

i cant stress it enough....dont forget to put the o2 sensors in the right way lol.

so to the fitment...fitment was really really good. everything lined up so nicely and like where most people had problems with the v clamps taking so long with other brands. well not with this one...seriously it just closed right up like it was oem once you lined it up right.

just make sure you have some good tools though...some extra tools that comes in handy and this install and probably others would be a socket wrench that you can tighten and untighten with a turn of the wrench handle and also a universal socket that bascially turns 90 degrees in every direction. the wrench is for the passenger side heat shield (seriously that took so long to try to cramp my hand in there with a small socket wrench but my buddy told me that he had that special wrench and it was simple to do after that)

overall i am very happy with the dps...definitely hear the turbos spool now. however there is some drone and vibrations in cold start...not horrible but still very noticeable which i dont know if i like. if you look at the oem dps you can tell there is some kind of vibration absorbing neck...sort of like a zig zag in the metal right where it bends.

hope this was worth it though but i cant tell that there is that much more power running cobb stg2 now but only difference is that throttle is linear but seriously you cant notice that much power gains. cant wait to put in my fmic to run stg 2+.

any of you guys know if you actually need the upgraded intake to run the cobb stg2+? it says you need it but seriously i heard the oem air box is pretty thinking just a k&n drop in air filter is good enough.
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