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Took my 2009 in on Monday and told my SA the lifters were ticking sporadically (and of course they sounded fine that morning), and from doing my research it would probably need the lifters and head replaced. SA called me in the afternoon and said they would replace the lifters. I was to get a callback yesterday with an update, but didn't hear anything. I'm hoping they went ahead and changed out the head also, thus the extra time. My salesman said they keep a supply of heads in the shop. If not, I'll just have to take it back in a few months to get that done. Fortunately the dealership is 2 blocks from my office. And they have good loaners. They gave me a 3 series x drive with only 1200 miles on it this time. We'll see what I find out today. This is a great thread, it has helped me out immensely!