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The car is throwing a 2A2D fuel low pressure system, fuel pressure code. When ever I hit 4000 rpms the car would just shut off power and then feels like it runs on 3 cylinders until I turn it off and then on. I have not gone WOT with this issue, but today I wanted to test it WOT and it when I hit over 4500 rpms there was a loud backfire and the car threw a SES light...Checked the codes and were the following 2A2D, 2AAF, and 29DC. I cleared the codes and then took the car for another test and when I hit 4000 rpms the car felt like injectors cut off, let the car rpms go down and its fine, but as soon as I hit the throttle pass 4000 rpms, the car would just shut down.. I went home and checked codes again after the initial LOUD backfire which threw the 3 codes I posted above along with SES light and this time I got 2A2D code for the low pressure system...I checked with inpa for the fuel low pressure sensor...What do you think? Its just the LPFP or my HPFP going bad....Check out INPA and the low pressure sensor reading...Is that normal for such a low reading?
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