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Originally Posted by Malapropism View Post
Can anyone explain or link me more information on how the N55 for the E9X platform differs compared to the new F30 generation? Doing some searches brings up limited information both here and on the F30post N55 thread. It seems like the main differences are the tuning, intake and downpipe (to be general about things). I'm trying to gauge whether my current 2011 E92 N55 is worth keeping and doing up for daily driving/very regular track use or part out what I have so far and get something else.

same engine different body shells.
ecu is different on the F30 so full tuneablity has yet to be crack'd.
I would say for the F30-
downpipe and intake is a good solution for now.
there's a JB for it and if u did that, i would do JB and downpipe no intake.
Daily driving on the F30 is very nice.

Tracking wise i like the E9x chassis - why? because u
can upgrade the suspension to M3 parts.
The N55 handles well on the track (but if u want a track monster
the n54 will be ur better build)
-and honestly suspension, brake, tire
upgrades is all you need to enjoy the track... and lots of track time.

is ur n55 worth keep'n ---
it's hard to say - the e9x n55 is kindy like
a bastard child. The R&D from the forum has let up for
some time now. And enthusiasm for the e9x N55 has somewhat
died. So vendors have been quiet. Until the next big power performance
news our bastard e9x n55 is in limbo.

I honestly believe once the N55
makes 425whp-450whp, without major issues, would it be worth keeping.
The long term with that power (not even there yet) is yet to be known, so unless ur willing to wait then I would say move onto
another platform or enjoy ur e9x.

I started to become a hp whore so the N55 has been
out grown. I don't believe in the F30 N55 as of yet and would
stay with the E9x n55 over the F30 N55 but would hump an N54 before
the above stated.
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