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First, great speaking with you Steven, but you sound tired! Don't forget to sleep!

Secondly, WOW.

I flashed my 03/07 production date transmission this evening.
Let me start by saying this. I'll bold it for effect:
Words, and even the video posted earlier do not do this flash any justice. AT ALL.
  • D1-6, S1-6, and M1-6 shown in cluster while driving.
  • Rev matching is truly a night and day difference. Downshifts are so fast and crisp.
  • WOT shifts approximately @6800rpm. I haven't logged my own so this was just eyeballing.
  • Previous software safeties for downshifts have been raised. Meaning, before on stock firmware, if you were to attempt to shift from 3-2 while RPM was above a few thousand RPM, the car was extremely conservative and wouldn't allow it. The tolerances have been raised and allow for much more aggressive downshifts and again the rev matching is a world of difference.
  • Shift times on the good old butt dyno are, again, faster. As described, much snappier.
  • DTC and DCS tolerances have also been raised from the previous conservative settings. I would liken this to the Euro MDM that M3's seek. The car allows more slip or spin before the nanny systems intervene, and when they do they feel softer, not as violent as the previous throttle closures slamming shut.
  • I can't speak on this, but the 5th gear issue for Single Turbo cars has also been fixed and proven by other members.

Overall, as tunes are for the DME, this flash also produces an immediately perceivable and felt change to the transmission.
I've said it earlier in this post but again, it is truly night and day.
It drives like a difference car and made me smile like the first time I tuned my N54.

Major props to Steve and Wedge as well as the other few pioneers on this.
Steve, I'll be in touch regarding the paddle shifters once I can test some other cars.
Then on to the next step

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