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All -

I just wanted to jump on here as this was my E91 328i wagon that Active was kind enough to improve upon! Viral and I spoke this morning so I'll just echo some of what he's has posted.

So far so good with the tune and manifold. I've had no codes or CEL's from the installation and yes, the power gains are real. The night the tune was finished I drove the car straight from Miami to Sebring for the 12 Hours of Sebring to stretch it's legs a bit. I noticed Sunday morning on the way back home that the car felt as though it had acclimated more so to the tune and new equipment as the engine feels more useable below 3,000 rpm and above 4,000 rpm the car feels noticably stronger.

At 4,000 rpm and above I think I felt the biggest difference. Whereas the 328i felt a bit anemic when you had your foot to the floor this pulls harder and longer making passing easier. As I told Viral - this definitely isn't a 335i however, the manifold with the Active stage 2 tune has made engine much more enjoyable and usable across the entire powerband. The only downside to my car is the fact that it's an automatic.

Specs of the car as I had it when it came down to Active:

2007 E91 328i w/ Automatic and 88,600 miles
BMW 330i (Euro spec 330i w/ DI) airbox with K&N cone filter
BMW Performance Exhaust
BMW Performance Strut Brace
OZ Alleggerita's running Michelin Pilot Super Sports

I'd highly recommend a professional installation for the manifold and have some spare hoses on hand. Active was able to recycle my old hoses as they were extremely careful when both removing and then putting in the new unit but these parts are prone to breaking as they age. Active did a great job on mine! I think most anyone who wants a bit more out of the 328i (the 335i turbos scared me) will like this mod as it is done essentially with all OEM parts sans the Active tune, definitely improved my enjoyment of the car so far!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about living with the tune, etc.