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VRSF Downpipes + OFT = Fun time in the wet!

Just recently pulled the trigger on some bolt on pieces with the most recent addition being the OFT tablet.
All I can say is WOW!

The catless downpipes without the tune were just embarrassing noise fault of their own but the N54 is very mechanical and raspy without the cats.
After running my battery almost dead during the flash process (it dipped as low as 10v) and recharging it back to life, upon start up I was greeted by a much deeper sound with the OTS Stage 0 map loaded.
Must be the wastegate parameters or something but there's a noticeable lack of rattle with the tune.

Anyway with Indiana getting slammed with snow and rain it's been hard to really get to run the car hard, but it's been fun nonetheless. Lots of wheelspin and sideways action nailing the throttle in 3rd at 60mph...
Can't wait to see how the other OTS maps run and maybe even a mild ethanol map since I can get my hands on the stuff locally.

Props to VRSF for dealing with my mechanics and delivering a top notch product. Even my mechanics commented on how nice the downpipes looked and fitted, particularly for the value.
Also to Shiv for shipping the OFT out like his life depended on it...ultra fast turn around on the order.