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Originally Posted by Jake335i View Post
Go with vsrf they're amazing and the price can't be beat
I 2nd this! For the money, it can't be beat. It comes with all gaskets, hardware, has a polished finish, and fits perfectly which makes installation a breeze.

With DPs, you also reap the benefits of a throatier exhaust note. Scaled, I would rate it a notch up from stock which is perfect for someone wanting a tab bit more without it being obvious to others.

Once you've had your fun with the DPs, look into getting an intercooler. I purchased the VRSF 7" intercooler and it rocked just like the DPs. IAT with the stock IC increase on average about 40 degress from 3rd to mid 4th gear. With the VRSF IC, average IAT were 18 degrees. I was also able to maintain target boost levels on the OpenFlash Tablet which I couldn't do with the stock IC. It was always 1psi lower throught the power band.

IMO, I woudn't worry about the DP power increase differences between brands since power output is influenced on specific tunes. Find your budget, analyze the reviews, and enjoy your new product.