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VRSF Intercooler 7 Inch & DP Install

Just wants to give a little review of the product and install on my 07 E92 335i.

My VRSF DP came in the mail about 4 weeks ago or so and I finally got around to install them a week ago. Shipping was fast and everything was in order in the box when it arrived. The install is very straight forward. It did take me about 6 hours to be honest to install them. I used ramps and took my time during the install. The fitment was perfect, just enough space between the sub-frame and between the DP's themselves. Hardest part for me during the install was getting the clamp on the rear turbo and DP back installed and tight, other than that everything went just fine. Here is DIY video I used from youtube that really helped me out.

My VRSF 7 Inch FMIC was shipped to me just a few days ago. It was about a month wait for it to arrive since when I ordered it, but it was expected since they were on back order. The FMIC was boxed well and everything was in order when i was unpacking it. I installed this last night and have a OEM bumper. I also used ramps and did not remove the bumper, but it was tight fiting the FMIC in with the bumper on, recommend having a friend with you to help. Once the old intercooler is removed you will need to also remove the OEM rubber hoses too, which have a metal clamp that you will need to cut with a dremel. Its a bit tight to get to the clamp to cut but it can be done. Now the part that slowed me down was the trimming of the front shroud plastic. I first started slowly trimming it and test fitting, but after about a hour and a half I said screw it and cut the whole bottom half of the shroud out ( I recommend everyone to do that, saves ALOT OF TIME). Other than that install was easy and fit perfect.

Over all I am VERY happy with the product, I have not had much time to get my car on the road here in MN due to the cold and snow to really test it all out, but I will soon and will let you all know.

Thanks for reading and feel free to PM me if you have questions about the install.