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VRSF Charge Pipe install/Tips/review

So i've noticed a lot of talk about the new VRSF charge pipe and wanted to write this to clarify a few things and to help anyone that is having a difficult time installing it with some tips.

First I'll start off with the process from ordering it and ending with a weeks long test.

As always VRSF had it shipped and to my door step within 3 days from purchasing. So nothing less than excellent there as usual.

The quality is great and what you'd expect from VRSF. Its a continuous run, mandrel bend aluminum.

Yes i know i have a ST but the install is the exact same. The only difference is i don't have an airbox and preturbo piping to remove. I will only pick up from assuming you have gained access to remove and have removed the old CP. I had the original VRSF CP installed but everything should be the same coming from the stock CP. The install of the CP is the exact same as installing the stock CP with the addition of an extra clamp and coupler install.

Some tips for installing:
-Install your BOV
-Install your TMap sensor with supplied hardware
-LIGHTLY! lube the O-Ring (i used Super-O but you can use christo lube, vasoline, motor oil,ect.)
-Scotchbrite the mating surface of the TB. Its aluminum and tends to have a little pitting and corrosion on it.
-Place the clip on the CP and push it down so that it is seated.
-Push the CP onto the TB and listen for the "click" noise of the clip seating into place. (dont try to install the CP with the clip in the up position)
-install the coupler and clamps as normal.

Everything went together swimmingly with zero issues or hold ups.

I installed My 7th meth nozzle (if you have seen my DP injection thread you know what im talking about) I purposely installed it to help identify any leaks. I have gone through 2 gallons of meth since last weekend tuning. I see no signs of leaking around the o-ring on the TB. I have also put 25PSI to the CP with no problems.

I used the meth bung for my pressure switch. Theres a few reasons for this. First, I use aquamist nozzles so they come with adapters and tend to be more shallow than most. Second i believe if you were to use AEM, Devils Own, or Snow the bung may be to tall and the spray pattern may hit the walls of the bung killing the amortization. Do a little research is check what is best for the particular nozzle you use and file the bung down to meet those requirements.

-C-Clip design
-BOV placement

Deep meth bung. May need to be filed down a little for best amortization.

Ill take some better pictures of the engine bay once i finish mounting the direct port mani and lines
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