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Originally Posted by TDIwyse View Post
I had tried this method multiple times without success. I like to flush the filter for a bit before installing it back into the system, so I push ~1 gallon through it into a container first. Trying to use the ignition method never resulted in any fuel getting pushed through. I had to use the Bav Tech tool to initiate the pump to get any fuel pushed through. Also used it to prime the rail after putting the filter fully back in. Results in a normal startup without excess cranking.

Anyone know if the BMWhat app will do this as well?
TDI, you're correct. The fuel pump does not activate with ignition on. Very strange that they describe it like that in the service manual.
However, I did find out how to activate the fuel pump with EDIABAS. The fuel pump has it's own control module, so you have to load EKP360.prg. In order to activate the pump, select the job "steuern_vorgeben" and enter 60 into the arguments field. Then double click the job. You will be able to hear the pump. In order to stop the fuel pump double click the job "steuern_ret_contr_to_ecu".
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