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Montego on terra (PICS)

I'm considering this color combo and spent a lot of time looking for real pictures of it on this forum - unsuccessfully... until I noticed one of the forum members sig's had that combo (KEVIN88GT). 2 emails later we figured we live nearly across the street from each other and arranged a meeting.
I was most interested in how terra "works" with the blue exterior. After seeing a lot of pics of it, I gotta say it looks darker than I expected, and for me that's a good thing. I was afraid it'd be too orangy, but it's closer to chocolate. A very pleasant color, IMO and blended nicely with montego. It didn't look "supermanny" at all, unlike the montego/coral combo. Enough said - here are the pics. Judge for yourself.

Many thanks to Kevin for letting me check out and test drive his ride!