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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
But it wasn't a criminal trial. Why do the same standards and burdens of proof need to exist? Even in court cases, there are differing burdens of proof for civil vs. criminal actions.

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No, I understand that. Civil cases are much easier to get a "Guilty" since a lot less is needed to be proven. Just a lot of the comments I have seen about it on here and elsewhere seem to think it is an open-shut case, when it simply isnt. When the NFL doesnt reduce the suspension and this ends up going to appeals court, the suspension will be reduced. There is no question about that. The report was biased, and if they wanted to, Brady could commission his own report from a "Third Party" firm to take the exact same evidence and testimony and prove he had nothing to do with it.

The biggest problem going on now is that Goodell is the guy hearing the current appeal. Of course he isnt going to come out and say "I was wrong, we didnt have enough evidence to prove Brady was cheating, he gets no suspension for cheating and a fine for not cooperating." No one would admit that publicly, especially not someone with as much ego as Goodell.