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Any update
Had to stop tests, clutch started slipping and now talking with "Clutch Masters" about a twin disk clutch as Im going to need it for what Im putting on this car.

I may have to do the entire test all over again though as my clutch was slipping from when I first dynoed on the stock intake. Please keep in mind these numbers are on a Mustang dyno not a dynojet which would be higher. My Z4 is purely stock on mods. This is my Z4 not a customer's Z4, I bought this car for R&D and testing, so I am butchering it. NOT recommended for any stock car

After installing the ECS intake, temps were 10 higher @ 99f in the shop this was the dyno run and the slippage got worse and I made the same power with "less" boost, and more timing corrections

Here is a VD with the ECS CF Intake with slipping clutch about a week later when it got really bad

Take it for what its worth. After I decide whom I will go with for a clutch I will redo the test before going FBO. I wanted to follow up with drag times but we had some bad weather in which the track has been closed for over a month now and not to mention a slipping clutch.

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