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Hi Guys,

first of all, thanks for your patience on this. I can imagine that it's really tough to wait any longer, if you know theres already a solution out there. However, what Dave has developed, is the method to crack the RSA signature and do all the Checksums on the calibration file. What he has not done, is make a failsafe and convenient application. At the moment it's just a command line tool, that can easily brick the TCU if the input is wrong.

As Michael said it took Dave quite a while to get this far, and its completely understandable, that he wants some reward for that. Additionally he has a normal day job, and wants to fully return to that work. That means, he has no interest to make the tool perfect and fail safe.

From my side, it's quite the same as it is with Dave. It started just as a hobby, but the workload kind of exploded and its somewhere in the hundreds of hours right now since beginning of the year. That was my own decision of course, but I kind of slipped into it. I know some people in the tuning industry too and invested time and money to get hold of information on the maps in our TCU the last months. But it turned out, that there simple is NO information around for this unit. I have description files for older BMW 6HP units, i gathered some 6HP files from other brands, but they are all of very little use because of a totally different structure. I was surprised to see, that even the same generation 6HPs from other OEMs are organized in a different way. So we had to go the hard way with countless hours of comparing cal files, flashing, logging, flashing, logging again and so on. Maybe some day a complete description file will come up, but I don't expect that to be easy. (more $$)

To really benefit everyone in and outside of the community we basically need 4 parts:

- Easy distribution channel (-> no hardware/shipping)
- Cheap, failsafe, easy to use tool (~ 100 USD, Windows or Android application)
- OTS maps. (335d will be the start, but extension to 335i N54/N55 later on is very likely)
- A way people can create their own maps (create XDF files for TunerPro seems reasonable)

So the plan is to achieve exactly that and I hope that everyone will be satisfied this way. Input is always welcome. Most likely the tool will be released with some basic functionality and will be updated free of charge continously.

I will keep this thread updated and hope we can communicate a timeline soon!

Appreciate 5