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I stuck the probe down there today. FYI I probes at filter intake temps on both the dual cone filters and the stock airbox.

All 80 degree ambients (about 27 Celsius)

Stock airbox:
30-35 driving (no change during long hard acceleration)
40-50 after stopping

Dual cones:
40-45 cruising
60+ during a pull (No heatsoak just the pump ramping up from the load, actual heatsoak where the coolant is above the target temp it will go up even more)
70+ standing, got as high as 90 CELSIUS when I got stuck by a train before I shut the car off.

Ambient cruising, I mean literally I drove through a shaded area and watched the temp go from 28 to 22 no joke. It's is actually colder then the stock airbox. Temps stay the same or lower on pulls, which is a big woohoo.

50+ sitting, Unfortunately it is in the engine bay so it's still susceptible to the same temp climb as the stock box and dual cones. However it immediately drop after starting off.

The measurements done on the UR CAI were with the black piece off. I would suggest taking it off.
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