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Originally Posted by Jagaer View Post

It is possible the sources I used to reference what is a "valid" VIN are out of date, but yours doesn't seem to be valid.

For BMW, the first digit should be the plant assembly number, which should be one of: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, V, W.

I'm not certain what plant is "0". If you have an X4, I'd expect it to be built in Spartanburg (until Trump tariffs force it to move), which is Plant Code "L" and "M".

Hi Jagaer,

This is my complete VIN:

There is obviously some different standard other than the one you posted... let me try to found details about it.

My carís VIN pics:

Ok, I got an answer directly from my BMW dealer:
Looks like that my plant manufacter is ďLĒ wich in my case is the 12th VIN digit. This happens since the production plant letter for BMW is attached to the carís serial number with no leading zeroes.
Basically the first vehicles of the serie are the 00000L1, 00000L2, etc... eventually the plant identifier reaches the 11th place after the 99,999 vehicle (0L99999), from that point on the 11th digit corresponds to the plant.

Makes sense to me since my X4 was produced in Oct 2014, at the very early stages of the model production.

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