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Pretty shitty that they only warranty the parts if you live in certain states but w/e.

Points deducted from your house, BMW.
This is incorrect.

The SULEV warranty is covered under all 50 States.

As stated on pg.43 of the 2007 edition reads:

"BMW NA warrants to the original purchaser and each subsequent owner that the vehicle is:

a. designed, built and equipped so as to conform with the applicable California Air Resources Board emission standards.

b. free from defects in materials and workmanship which cause any part that can affect emissions to fail to conform with applicable requirements or to fail a California SmogCheck test or EPA approved short test for a period of 15 years or 150,000, whichever occurs first.

c. free from defects in materials and workmanship in emission related parts for a period of 15 years or 150,000, whichever occurs first.

This warranty begins on the date of first retail sale, or the date the vehicle is first placed in service as a demonstrator or company vehicle, whichever is earlier."

The fact that the warranty covers not only original owners, but the subsequent owners is the key phrase...the warranty specifically says subsequent owners, but no reference to the subsequent owners State of residence.

I just bought an E92 (N51 328i) from the original owner, where it was originally sold/registered in California, and brought it back here to TX. The car is currently at my local BMW dealer to have the CCV/VCG/emissions work, which is being covered under the SULEV warranty.

IMO, it would be impossible for owners of an SULEV powered car to sell outside their respective States, thereby limiting the market. I think the true challenge is trying to bring some types of non-CARB certified autos into CA...not the other way around.

I 2nd this as I live in Arizona, my 2008 328i SULEV was first ordered and registered in California and I just had my valve cover gasket and eccentric shaft sensor replaced along with its respective gasket and the valvetronic motor gasket, along with 3 open recalls for the PCV valve heater, an airbag and the blower motor wiring harness. The valve cover gasket and eccentric shaft sensor/respective gaskets were replaced for $0 by BMW North Scottsdale, and they even paid for my rental car as well. Big points to BMW on my end!
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