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Suggestions for Script Coding Updates

Originally Posted by portalseo View Post
The following is by far the easiest and most convenient way to pull your 1b file from your car and generate an FSC update code for your BMW CIC navigation unit (at least for me) and I haven't come across any other method that is easier.
Hi portalseo,

Is it possible to update the script ( used to create the "1b.hex" file to take into account (what I call) the 'generic VIN anomaly' that appears to impact most E9x CIC cars built prior to 2010?

The 'generic VIN anomaly' is where the generated "1b.hex" file contains an incorrect generic VIN of "1234567". It's an anomaly in the sense that although the correct VIN/navigation data exists in the system, it's obscured by the presence of one or more instances of generic VIN data.

Alternatively, is it possible to make "" source available so that others may attempt to make the coding changes?


Suggestions for Script Coding Updates

Option 1: If VIN=1234567, then keep searching until a non-1234567 VIN is found. Create "1b.hex" file from the non generic VIN.

Member danielz made a similar suggestion below:

Option 2: If VIN=1234567, then copy the file "generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTControlle r" to the USB instead of creating "1b.hex". This file will allow the owner to manually parse it and create their own 1b.hex file as per (without having to buy an ENET cable to use with a computer).

Member vox_de_hg explains how they had to manually create their 1b.hex file from "generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTControlle r" (after retrieving the file using an ENET cable):

Background Info

My 330d E90 LCI with CIC has a production date of 2009-09-25.
After inserting the USB into the glove box, the script successfully created 2 new files on the USB (1b.hex & fsc.bat). See attached ZIP below.
In my case, the "1b.hex" file contains the generic VIN of "1234567" which generated an invalid FSC code (that failed to activate).

It should also be noted that the contents of my "1b.hex" file are identical to those of other members who have attached their "1b.hex" to comments in this thread.

3 members who have attached their 1b.hex file (showing identical content):

Other members who have reported a VIN of 1234567 (without attaching their file):

Other Observations

1. According to member comments, the 'generic VIN anomaly' appears to impact most 3er E9x CIC cars built between September 2008 and December 2009 (CIC was introduced in September 2008 with option 609 Professional Navigation for 1, 3 & 7 Series cars).

2. E9x CIC cars built in the same period but which have had a firmware upgrade, seem to generate a valid 1b.hex file with correct details.
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